May 26, 2014

OYGIF: Checking Out The School

We checked out the kids' new school. This is actually my old high school 20-some years ago, but now it houses both grade school and high school for the small population of kids in the place. 

I'm happy to see an old teacher of mine, who's now a principal and who was my English teacher back then. I don't know any of the other teachers anymore. But I'm hoping they're as good and as caring as my old ones. My eldest and second son will be studying here. 

This tree with orange flowers sure made my day. 

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May 11, 2014

OYGIF: New Day, New Place

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Orange You Glad It's Friday

And so we relocated. We packed our belongings in boxes, had them shipped door-to-door to our new place (new for the kids, old for me) days before, and traveled three hours by bus, two hours by ferry, and another two hours through towns and finally to a place in the mountains I used to call home when I was a kid. Pretty drastic move but a good change for all of us. 

This was taken on the ferry on the morning of our move. I keep this photo on my wall to remind myself of our journey, of the new memories that we're about to make and the new challenges that we're going to face . New day, new place.