Apr 19, 2014


By the end of April, we would be out of this house we've called home for the last seven years. We would be relocating to be with my parents in the province, in the mountains, where thankfully they have Internet connection. This move I think would be good for the kids. It's already summer and they can play under the sun in the shade of the trees, and shower under the rain when rainy season comes. It'll be airy and we'll be using sheer curtains in the windows but might need the use of burlap curtains during the rainy season because it gets cold in the mountain during the 'Ber' months. People used to call the place 'Little Baguio' because of its climate and the pine trees that are now no more. It'll be a change, no more traffic, no noise pollution, no more flood during rainy season. But it'll be also a challenge, getting used to the quiet environment, taking on the challenges of nature. I am scared and yet excited and I have my parents with us (who refused to be uprooted from their place), and that is all that matters. 

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