Mar 12, 2014

Where does you child's interests lie?

Where does you child's  interests lie? Is it in the arts? Is it in music? Is it in sports? Is he someone you would likely have to buy a randall amp at Guitar Center someday? Or would he be someone you would send to art school, like that high school for the arts in Laguna? 

In this day and age, kids' interests and talents should be developed early on in childhood. And in order to do this, you need to know where their interests lies, what their passion, their skills and talents. What does your child do in their spare time? My kids love to draw. They make sure they get at least an hour a day of drawing. I make sure I have papers and pen available whenever they ask for it, or they wouldn't stop whining until they find some. I show them their father's drawings and introduce them to my way of drawing. We go online and check drawings of other kids and other artists. One of my kids loves to build, and he loves to create his own mini-games, so I send him to child-friendly websites where he can build his own games. I think he is the kind of kid that will grow up to be a coder or a software developer someday.

Wherever your child's interests lie, you need to support him as a parent, fully, so that he will be ready when time comes. Exposing our kids to things related to their interest and providing them the resources and education they will need will help them hone their skills. Exposing them also to things NOT related to their interests are also very important. Ultimately, all these will help them decide someday what they want to do with their  life. They will know what it is they would want to specialized in and will have a clearer direction in life. Gone are the days when parents decide what course their kids should take up in college. Do you agree?

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