Mar 8, 2014

The Church On the Night of the Concert

This is how the Saint Joseph Church, home of Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, looked like on the night of the Concert Under The Trees, which featured Jed Madel last February.

Hubby took these photos. Hubby and my eldest son were supposed to watch the concert but when they arrived there, there was no one there at the church grounds where the concert is supposed to be. It was only later that they learned that the concert was held instead inside the grounds of St. Joseph Academy, at the gym where the Sunday afternoon mass are always held. Too bad they didn't see if the musicians used cool boss bass or not. Too bad for me, I was not able to watch either. I'm happy to hear though that one of Basti's classmates watched and was so happy with the concert, basing on his FB post. Well, for me, there's still next year. 

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