Mar 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Work

For this week's Thankful Thursday, I am focusing on the online job that sustained me over the years since I started being a work-at-home mom. Being a transcriber is not an easy job at first. I really got frustrated the first few times I worked on some files and really doubted that it was really worth the time or the effort or if the pay was worth it. But as the months go on and I got used to the nature of the work, I became much faster in it and began to enjoy transcribing and learned so many things.   

If looking for transcription companies, you can check out 199 Jobs (offers also other services), ScribieQuicktate and Transcribe Me among others. Understand that being a transcriber is hard work, but if you put a good amount of time and effort into it, it will pay off. In some sites, not necessarily in any of the above, I started out with a low pay, but I worked my way to have a higher one or to be in a position where there's less work for the same amount of pay. Understand that you cannot actually catch a big project or pitch to your own client or command a higher price later on if you don't have experience and don't have good performance to back you up. Other people I know started out small also but now have their own transcription or VA companies and can command a higher price, thus they can sub-contract.

I  am thankful that I have work, that I don't have to endure the traffic, that I don't have to get out of the house when it's raining, and that I am right here besides my kids 24 hours a day. Thanks to God for this gift called the Internet. 

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