Mar 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: New Shoes for The Kiddos

My sister-in-law gifted my kids two new sets of shoes, which is really sweet of her because it's not the kids' birthday and there's no special occasion. She just remembered my two younger kids when she was out shopping at the mall and came upon a very good deal that she could not resist. She probably  knows that I don't go out to the mall to buy shoes, but most of the time only order through my other sister-in-law who is into direct selling or order online, which are both so convenient.

Now, my eldest, who is graduating this April is also asking for shoes. He mentioned that he would like Nike Shoes as a graduation gift (I do hope I get the budget for his shoes before graduation day comes). He definitely deserves a special gift for this momentous event in his life. Just to be sure on how much I'd be needing to spend for his gift, I went online to check on Nike shoes and discovered that Zalora PH has a good collection of Nike Shoes. I think I'll just order through here since it's more convenient for me. For those of you who are looking for the perfect graduation present, I highly recommend you to check out this site! They have thousands of products to fit every budget and always have great deals and discounts on their site.

I'm so thankful to God that He has blessed me with family and friends who are caring and thoughtful and most of all, generous, lol. :) I am not wealthy person but I'm so wealthy with friends and family who are always willing to extend a helping hand and who loves my kids like their own. 

Well, what do you know, it is Thankful Thursday after all. 


  1. Nice shoes! Zalora Ph is a good place to shop online.

  2. nice..although I am quite hesitant to buy shoes online. I ended up buying a wrong shoe size. When it comes to shoes or pants, I usually rather buy them on stores where I could fit them :D
    my daughter too has an awkward shoe size..hahaha

  3. Sam and Simon, the new kid with new shoes. Glad for the presents.

  4. Cute shoes from Zalora! I like the colors too and the kiddos must love them!

  5. Awww such a nice stuff for the kiddos! You are blessed!

  6. I shop at Zalora too. The colors are cool. I bet they loved them.


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