Mar 13, 2014

Simon Draws: Everyday Happenings

Simon loves to draw everyday happenings. I can't remember what happened the day he drew this band. Maybe he watched some band on TV or in the mall or saw his cousin's pic who is a band member. Whatever the inspiration for this drawing is, it doesn't matter. What's important is the effort and the details he put into it. 

Can you see the drums, the cymbals, the guitar player and his guitar? And how about the singer with his microphone? Looks like Mackie PA Speakers are the only ones missing from this drawing. :)

I'm not sure if I've shared this already here but let me share again just in case. The day our blender from Lazada came in and we spent a few hours making our own smoothies, he drew this. 

And the day the rain almost never stopped and the clothes almost didn't get dry, he drew this: 

See the spaceship? There's also a rocket up there with the sun. I just don't know why the clothes are under the umbrella. Wait, because it's raining, it might get wet. Love the details of those clothes.

Hope you enjoyed his drawings. Will post more of  my "Simon Draws" images once I scanned all of them. We also have a lot of "Sam Draws" images, hehe. :)

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  1. I think Sai will be an artist like your husband sis.


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