Mar 20, 2014

Packaging for Art Pieces

The first time we tried to send my husband's charcoal drawing to a client in the province, we had no idea how to put it in a packaging that would not destroy it in any way. We put in between two styro boards so the surface would not be scratched. Apparently, according the delivery company, it should be in bubble wrap. I don't know, but for our kind of item, a styro board I think is better. The item itself is not breakable.  This made me think on being really serious on researching ways on how to ship his works long distance without getting scratched. This is because he has a prospective client in the UK who is asking about his charcoal drawings. I recently came upon a website,, which is offering foam packaging. I am particularly interested in the charcoal egg crate sets which are like egg crates but are very soft, I think even softer than bubble wraps since it's made of foam. This is one alternative that I want to look at. I hope my hubby would get more and more clients this year, because he enjoys drawing very much and being paid to do what he loves doing is  a plus. 

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