Mar 12, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Ice Cream, Ice Skating Rink and Iron Man


I remember when we went to the Manila International Book Fair in 2012. It's a day full of incidents (kids throwing up, me and one of the kids almost getting hit by a passing car, almost getting caught in the rain and waiting for an hour for a taxi and finally giving in and taking the long way home via three jeepney rides). And yet it was a day of inspiration too (as the kids saw so many books and other things) and solid good family bonding to be remembered for years to come.

It was the day when the kids couldn't get enough of the mini ice cream sold at one of the stalls at the Mall of Asia.

It was the day Sam had his picture taken with the Mall of Asia ice skating rink in the background. My second child is shy but managed a smile. The skating rink has become very popular lately among Filipino kids because of the inclusion of figure skater Michael Martinez in the Sochi Winter Olympics. He placed 19th overall and coming from a country with no winter or presence of natural snow at all, that is an outstanding feat. He won't be joining the World Junior Figure Skating Championships though to recuperate from some injury

Iron Man was so popular back then and still is, yes. The kids were ecstatic this life size figure of Iron Man. They wished they could take it home, haha. 

Me? I couldn't resist taking a snap of the bay. We didn't get to see the famous Manila sunset because of the clouds and the rain. This picture actually is scary to me. I feel like the ocean was closing up on me. I wouldn't want to be by the bay in a weather like this. It's gloomy. I'm thankful I had my kids with me to brighten up  and  bring warmth to this dreary scene. 

It was a great day, despite the minor irritations. This feels like Throwback Thursday, doesn't it. But it's not, it's absolutely a happy ABC Wednesday! :) 


  1. Ice cream is a favourite for young and old. Nothing like enjoying a cone strolling the mall. - Margy

  2. That's a COOL Iron Man outfit!

  3. Interesting read...My aunt lived in Manila for some time but I never got to go... Ohh and I love I for Ice cream and I for Iron Man too even though I'm no longer a child :)

  4. Your iron man is a lot handsomer hehehe.


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