Feb 28, 2014

Wishing for a Portable Backup Charger

I am wishing for a portable backup charger. It's really convenient to have an all-in-one charger. I also think that I'll have additional peace of mind with an all-in-one backup charger. I'm thinking, even if the adults are out of the house and my kids run out of power on the cellphone or on the iPhone or the e-reader, they wouldn't even think of plugging in to the electric outlet to charge these devices. They can use the backup charger instead. 

I checked online where to find us a universal charger for all of our electronics. All I have to do next is save for it, lol. We have so many chargers lying around the house and it's a mess really when the gadgets ran out power at the same time and we have to plug them in. Sometimes we run out of outlets because most of them are already being used for the appliances. Not that we have so many of them, just the cellphones, the e-reader and the iPhone are the most important ones. But it would be great to have universal charges that could charge at least two or three of the gadgets at the same time. 

Also, a backup charger is a necessity in this part of the world where the weather is so unpredictable. It could rain anytime and it could flood anytime, and when there's flood, usually the power is cut off. We never know when this happens, so it's better to be prepared at all times. 

*Image courtesy of Iamnee/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net  

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  1. this is what i've always wanted a portable charger a good stuff to have esp if you travel a lot


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