Feb 13, 2014

The Maya and the Chick

We had a week full of animals. It started with the two goldfish. Sam's teacher asked him to bring fish for an experiment. On the second day, one of them died and floated on the bowl. On the third day, the second was dead. The children were heartbroken.

The same week, it was Basti's turn to bring a pet animal to school. We bought two mayas, but the first one died overnight. They say it must be the cold weather. Chicken and other fowls are dying left and right because of the cold. The maya was already not feeling well (we think) even before we bought it. It just stands in the corner and slept, and then in the morning, we found it dead. The children, again, were heartbroken, because there's still one remaining maya. Basti brought the maya to school and showed to the teacher and brought it back home. 

The maya wanted to be free from the cage, and it succeeded. It flew all over the house and perched on one of our picture frames hanging in the wall. Then, it vanished in the room. At dawn one day, it made such a noise, enough to wake the kids, that I tried to catch it. I succeeded and brought it outside. The maya is free now, to fly and be with other birds in the neighborhood. I haven't seen it since but I think I hear it chirping outside along with some other mayas perched on my neighbor's roof.

I didn't know, that the maya still need to be seen again by the teacher. She made a compromise that Basti can bring any kind of animal instead for her to check. I really don't see the logic in this, but we bought this chick for Basti to show his teacher. He brought it back home again and we call her Tiki-Tiki now. The neighbor's kid named it Vangie, Simon named it Warrio (after the Wii character) and we later settled on Tiki-Tiki. 

Tiki-tiki is a cute and funny chick. We don't know if it's a she or he, so we'll just refer to it now as she. Tiki-tiki and Simon are inseparable on the first day. On the first night with us, she made such a noise that could wake all the neighbors. If she's a dog, I would need bark collars  for her. Even the neighbor's dogs and puppies haven't made a noise that big. The kids realized that she might be cold so they put her inside a container and black cloth, and she slept right after. She follows the kids wherever they go. We were concerned for the cleanliness  of the house, so we bring her outside but she would run as fast as she could inside whenever someone opens the door. And she can't sleep outside, she makes a noise unless she's let in and she sleeps inside her box. 

Now, I have a problem. She's getting bigger and it's not sanitary anymore to keep her in the house. I wanted to bring her to the person who raise chicken in the neighborhood. But I'm worried about the kids, they look for her every now and then. And I can't see her sleeping in a chicken house filled with chicken pee and poo. Silly me, huh? If you're in my position what would you do? Your thoughts, please. 


  1. Your children loves animals and it shows that they really care. And, the same is true with humans.

  2. My little boy's school has an annual pet day, and he just brings fishes. Where do you live, sis?

  3. he seems sooo very happy sorry about those animals that weren't survive for at least a day or two...but glad to see that the chick is working great..and your son were so amaze as i see his face on the pictures.

  4. So sorry to hear about the critters demise sis, we have the same fate as we lost one of our Bunnies too. I was heartbroken more than my kids does when Matilda died, ako kasi nagaalaga so I was more attached lol.

  5. I suggest the chicken stay outdoors instead.

  6. I miss seeing maya birds, we had lots of them in the city where I grew up. It's too cute how your kids love the chick. How about make a cage for her so she can sleep there at night just put paper at the bottom for the pee and poop and then she can walk freely in the morning but outside the house. Chicken does not tell us when they poop, they just do it


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