Feb 19, 2014

The 39th Bamboo Organ International Festival 2014

The yellow flags are up again at the Saint Joseph Parish Church. And that could only mean one thing. It's time for the annual International Bamboo Organ Festival.

Visit the official website for more info at www.bamboorgan.org 
As you can see from the above poster, the festival starts this year on Thursday, February 20th with the  invitational gala concert, EL SIGLO DE ORO. The El Siglo De Oro reconstructs the music of Intramuros in the 1600s.  There will be music accompaniment of recorders, guitar, organ, castaƱetas, drums and similar instruments. I wonder if they'll be using saxophones for this concert. I'm suddenly interested with saxophones because I've just seen a rico alto saxophone reeds at guitar center while looking for a musical instrument that my nephew mentioned on Facebook.

I am mostly excited about the Concert Under The Trees  on Saturday with featured artist. Jed Madela. I don't know if this will be a free concert or invitational also. Got to find out. 

Have you been to the Bamboo Organ International Festival before? I would recommend checking it out. Please see posters above for details of the event and to get the event website link. 


  1. where is this held? i hope to be able to visit this event with my kids. we frequent alabang town center this days. is it near there?

    1. Mommy Chris, a little bit farther away from Alabang, about an hour ride with traffic. :) The Festival is held with the Bamboo Organ church and grounds.

  2. This surely looks great event and nice to participate.


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