Feb 18, 2014

Still Broken

“The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.”
 ― Ludwig van Beethoven

The guitar strings still remain broken. The guitar still lays in the corner, looking sad and neglected. We were supposed to replace the strings after Christmas but I got too busy with work to think about it. Basti got too busy with his flurry of school activities so we didn't get around to having the strings replaced. 

We don't know how to put the string back on. If we knew how, we would be perhaps looking at some
good d'addario xl super lite exl120 at musicians friend online. But as the case is, we have to bring the guitar to our favorite music store in the nearby mall and buy the string from them and have them put it on the guitar. It cost around P285 online and P350 at the mall including service.

Basti may have forgotten about the broken guitar, but now that's summer is approaching, I bet in a couple of weeks or so, he would ask about the broken strings again. Time to go to the mall soon.

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