Feb 21, 2014

Replacing Water Pipes

Early January, right after New Year's Day, I asked the handyman in our subdivision to check on our water pipes at the front of the house, where the water meter is also located. The pipes I noticed are already rotting with rust and they might explode anytime when the water pressure becomes too great during the evening. So even if it's not within budget, I hired the handyman to do the job and also to take care of some things that need fixing around the house. He came to work one day with all sorts of equipment and gadgets like those you see at reidsupply.com. It is more convenient and less costly to have the pipes around the water replaced as soon as possible than later when it would have exploded and caused damage already. 

I also asked him to have the area around the water meter cemented. It was actually a pocket garden filled with soil, but the cats in the neighborhood think its their litter box. So I have the area filled with cement. Anyway, I think the cats love lounging in front of our house. The cement is still wet and soft and one of the cats very comfortably already sat on it. Haha, smart cat, re-marking her territory already. 

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