Feb 11, 2014

PE Fridays and Playgrounds

Fridays are always fun days for Simon and Sam at school. Fridays are when they have PE and arts and when two kids both go to school at 7:30 in the morning . They enjoy walking together going to school.

Sam and Simon's school does not have a playground, too bad,  and they use the subdivision's basketball court for their activities or just sometimes the space in front of the school. It is a small school and located inside the subdivision, there's no space for a playground. There is a rumor that the school might close next year or a new owner might take over. That makes me sad because Sam already is very much at home in their environment and way of teaching. If the latter is true, if a new owner would take over, I would recommend to find a nearby bigger space for a playground and to buy school playground equipment even before the school year starts. 

In picking playground equipment, I wish that the school administrators would ask the opinion of the children. I was actually looking a website last night and my kids saw me, and Simon went to pick the play equipment that he wants. There was a discussion between Simon and Sam on what he (Simon) can do on the equipment that he wants and where the different loops and holes would take him. I like this one also because it's simple and low, it an early childhood structure which is great for kids even younger than Simon . 

Simon wants this kidscenter at eplaygroundz
Playgrounds really very important as kids use their imagination when playing in a playground and they are able to socially interact with other children. Even more emphasis should be given nowadays to building playgrounds and playscapes because according to research, kids today spend an average of 7.5 hours each day on electronic devices, excluding the hours spent on electronics at school. And because of this most children do not spend so much time outdoors, leading to Vitamin D deficiency and decrease in physical strength and muscle coordination. Having more playgrounds visible and accessible both at the school and community, and parents intervention, could help solve this growing problem. 

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