Feb 27, 2014

Online Video-to-MP3 Converter

When Basti and his classmate had their field demo (where they won first prize, by the way) I was tasked to provide the other parents with an mp3 format of all the songs that was needed for the dance mix. I was very undecided downloading mp3 files of the songs online because because I'm afraid my computer might get infected with a virus from all the unfamiliar sites. So, I decided to convert videos instead to mp3 using an online video converter at clipconverter[dot]cc. I can't believe how easy it is to convert videos to mp3 using this site. 

If you're looking, for example, for the sound of an  sdx electric guitar and can't find an mp3 of that sound online, you can try looking for it on YouTube. Once you found it, just copy the link of the video, the go to clipconverter[dot]cc.  

How to use convert video to mp3 at clipconverter(dot)cc.
1. Paste the link on the Media URL to Download box;
2. Choose what format you want the video converted to 
(In my case I chose mp3 because that was what we need for the dance mix); 
3. Click on Start to start conversion.
4. Click on Download. 

{Please note that pop-up ads will appear once you hit Download. Close the pop-up.) This is tricky part here and that pop-up is the only thing that I don't like about clipconverter[dot]cc. But the site has to earn somehow, I guess, so it's all good, as long as they don't leave a virus. All I do is click it close even before it fully open. 

Now, you can find many other video converters online. As in everything, exercise caution before utilizing unfamiliar sites. I've used it many times and so far, my computer has not caught on any virus yet from this site. I love this site and including it in my list of Useful Online Tool/Site, if only that annoying pop-up will disappear. I don't know really if this is legal, but I suppose it is. The site has almost half a million fans on Facebook and would have been taken down a long time ago if not. 

Hope this little info helps! Enjoy the rest of the day!

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