Feb 20, 2014

Months of the Year Flashcards

My kids are visual and audio learners. It helps them a lot  when they get a visual representation of whatever it is that is being taught at school. 

This week, the lesson is months of the year. Simon is attempting to memorize the months of the year by heart and is having a hard time just looking at text of his books and notebooks. We, of course, showed him a real calendar and to make thing easier for him I downloaded a PDF file of a month of the year flashcard. We have an e-reader that my brother gave me for Christmas and we have been downloading reading materials on it, that we read before going to bed aside from the storybooks. 

I downloaded the flashcards for the months of the year at ESL Kids Lab

I like that these flashcards have small images of  important events of the month. For example, the month of the July shows fireworks for the Fourth of July. This gives me an inspiration to make my own flashcards in MS Word (which I can then convert to PDF) showing the important events of the months in the Filipino context. I think it would be great to incorporate the national holidays within the flashcards for easier recall. 

I am thankful for these kind of sites because it's a big help to us moms. I don't have to buy flashcards at the store anymore. I can either print them or if I'm not going to print them, just store them in the e-reader. Anyway, the kids enjoy reading using the e-reader. To them, it doesn't feel like reviewing but just merely reading and so their mind is more open and receptive. 

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