Feb 21, 2014

Manila Seedling Bank Demolished

I saw in Yahoo News yesterday that the Manila Seedling Bank was demolished. This really made me sad. I've been to Manila Seedling Bank a few times. Every time I go to QC and pass by the area, I don't go home without checking out the place. It seems that the dispute over the hectares of land the greenhouses were built on have been going on for awhile. The last time I was there, which was in December 28, 2012, I noticed that there were not as many open stalls as before. Reading articles about the QC government versus MSBF made everything clear to me now. 

Manila Seedling Bank December 2012 
Don't we all have enough of condos and malls and commercial establishments in the city? When are we going to stop? The Manila Seedling Bank, even during the last time I was there, was a beautiful place. There are only very few places like that in the city and now, it's gone.

Manila Seedling Bank December 2012 

The Manila Seedling Bank was open to the public and you can just go in and gaze at the wonderful flowers and plants, and you don't even have to buy anything. If you decide to buy, the prices were very low. You can buy herbs, seeds, seedlings, ornamental plants, fertilizers and garden supplies. 

I was just starting to discover herbs and here in Manila Seedling Bank they have a greenhouse half filled with it. 

Manila Seedling Bank December 2012 

On the other half of this greenhouse (just one of the many greenhouses in the MSBF),  they had this sale of different mugs, saucers and cups. I was planning to come back for these cups and mugs, buy in bulk, but I guess I wouldn't have the chance anymore. 

Manila Seedling Bank December 2012 
A photo I saw here in an article by Pia Ranada of Rappler really broke my heart. I heard the stall owners were relocated to the Quezon City circle, but would it be the same for them, for the plants and for the environment? In my eyes, this is all so wrong. 

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