Feb 12, 2014

Kids' Art: Eggshell Mosaic And Crayon Etching

As I mentioned in my previous post, Friday is Art Day at Sam and Simon's school. Last Friday, Sam made an eggshell mosaic and Simon did crayon etching. 

The night before, hubby prepared the materials. We selected Nemo for Sam because we only had orange poster paint and we did not want to buy watercolor anymore. Hubby drew Nemo based on what he saw online and painted the eggs orange with poster paint.
Egg mosaic preparation for Sam
Hubby only painted the top side, so when the eggshells were crushed the orange blended with the whites. The first photo below was Sam's original work. The second one was after we painted the orange parts with orange poster paint again, with Sam's consent, to make the orange appear brighter. Sam and Simon were happy with the result. 

This is Simon's crayon etching. This is his first time to do something like this. I almost forgot what it's called until I asked the teacher. I remember when I was a kid, we used to make one like this also. 

I look forward to the artworks that the kids are bringing home each Friday. Thanks to the teachers who assist them in doing their artwork at school. 


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