Feb 5, 2014

Feb Photo-A-Day #5: Found My Old Dell DJ Ditty


Found my old Dell DJ Ditty when I was cleaning my cabinet a week ago. I forgot I even have it. I bought it with my Dell Rewards points. I love Dell as a company because I think it's generous with its employees when it comes to freebies, reward points and incentives. I just don't know if they're still as generous now as they were back then. 

 This Dell DJ Ditty has 512MB capacity. It has an FM tuner too. I don't think that Dell is still selling this. I can't find this on their website anymore but I see some ads about it on eBay. It's a good thing I found it, because Basti, my eldest, is now using this instead of my iPhone for music. He's using the headset that he got for Christmas. That's the green cable there that you see in the picture.

And speaking of the letter D, I found this yummy-looking donuts at picmonkey.com while doing my collage for this post. I'm using PicMonkey for most of my collages in this blog. If you love to make collages, you could try using PicMonkey collage. They got awesome fonts, layouts and effects and it's absolutely free. I got a week free of Royale if you just try PicMonkey using my link. Will you help me? Just click on the donuts. Thanks a bunch.


This post is also linked to Rcel's A-Snap-A-Day Challenge. I skipped Day 3 and 4 due to heavy workload but I'll find time to post them in the following days. I want so much to keep up.

Enjoy the rest of the week! 


  1. Wish I were as nimble with technology as you seem to be!

  2. Wow! Dell...that's old. And yummy looking donuts!

    abcw team

  3. I only know Dell as a computer, but Donuts I know better ! Lol !
    ABC Wednesday

  4. Thanks for sharing your post! Good choice for D!

    Wil,ABCW Team.

  5.   Yes, really nice find, reminds me of my first mp3, had 125 mg!

  6. Good thing that you found your DJ Ditty and despite that it is old and almost forgotten it is still functional and that Basti put it into good use.

    Dropping by here from A-Snap-A-Day Sis. Have a wonderful day! :)

  7. That's interesting, Sis! I don't remember having used one although I am a Dell fan! :D Thanks for joining! I always enjoy more entries so I hope you can link up in the coming days! :)

    P.S. Save me a donut, will you? LOL.


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