Feb 2, 2014

Feb Photo-A-Day #2: Toys: Cars

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One of my Simon's godmothers brought him these beautiful toy cars when she visited last December. The kids love them, though remote is used only for activating the car alarm sounds and lights and not for manipulating the cars. These toy cars are from Shell Petron of their Blaze 100 Euro 4 campaign.

 I think these are excellent gifts for kids.


  1. Why does that Gary Numan song Cars run through my head?

  2. Yay! Simon is so loved by her Ninang. I'm sure he enjoyed playing with all these toy cars. I think hubby has a collection of these cars but it is for his eyes only. Hahaha

  3. Excellent gift for kids indeed! And kids who love toy cars at that! I bet yours had a blast playing with them, sis! I gifted a friend's son with an RC toy car on his 1st birthday and it is still around 2 years later. It's very well taken good care of because accordingly, it is the boy's fave toy. It pays to give somebody something that he/she really really likes! :)

    Thanks for linking up, sis! Hope to see you every day! :)

  4. Those are indeed perfect gifts for kids especially so for the boys. Simon is blessed to have a generous Ninang! :-)

    I buy the same kind of gift for my nephew but last December I gifted him with a tab. Mind you, he is only two years old but he's so hooked with nursery rhymes and every online stuff that's valuable for his growth and development. He loves all kinds of toys too! I guess all kids are like that.


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