Feb 21, 2014

Drums for Simon? Nope.

This a nice looking set of drums. 

Simon wants these drums but, of course, nope, I think he's too young for it. And we don't have the budget for it, we don't have the space. The neighbors might report us to the barangay captain if my kids ever play this in our house, haha. It's doesn't look like a good Pearl electronic drums at musicians friend but it really looks as cool. When I was a teenager, I wanted to play drums as well, you know, like the main character in the film Some Kind of Wonderful. I never got the drums. I wonder why I thought I could even play drums when I can't even carry a tune. Is that possible?  Maybe when Simon's older, we'll think about it. I hope by then we have the budget and space. For now, he can just enjoy beating to the music with toy drums. 

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