Feb 25, 2014


I found a gemstone ring online that look so much like what my mother used to have. I am happy to find this because my mother lost hers a long time ago and I am sure she would really love to have this kind of ring again. I'll add this to my already long line of things to save for. 

On the same website where I found the gemstone ring, I also found a table of birthstones. I was surprised to know that there are many birthstones lists available. Now, I learned that there's a Modern Birthstone list, a Traditional Birthstone list and a Mystical Birthstone list. The Modern Birthstone list was adopted in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers. And then, the Traditional Birthstone list is an older list of the modern birthstone list from the same organization. The Mystical Birthstone originated from Tibet a thousand years ago. 

Modern, Traditional and Mystical Birthstones as seen all over the Web
And aside from these three lists, there's the Arabic,  Ayurvedic, Hebrew, Hindu, Italian, planetary, Polish     Roman, Russian, Talismanic and  Zodiac birthstone lists.

I've always thought that my birthstone is garnet. But according to the mystical list, my birthstone is emerald. Not that it matters to me. These are just fun facts for me, anyway. But I would really want to just follow the mystical list because I've love emeralds more. 

How about you, what's your birthstone? 

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  1. mine is Topaz.. but under the Mystical Table, it says it's Pearl, lol!


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