Feb 19, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Funny, Feathery, Fluffy Friend

This is our feathery, fluffy friend, Tiki-tiki. She is sort of our first pet ever. She's a funny chick. We let her around the house for a week, because she makes such a noise whenever we bring her outside. She's just a chick when we bought her and I guess she misses her mother hen because she always wants to be with us. She snuggles like a cat, unbelievable! She can't sleep at night without any of us holding her in our hands. She makes a noise until one of us gets her. 

This is a photo of her on her last night with us. As soon as hubby holds her in his hand, she fell asleep. I think she thinks she's a human. She loves human warmth because it's cold during the nights and sometimes even during the days here.

The next morning after these photos were taken, she's gone. I woke up and couldn't find her. I was told that the kids' aunt who comes to our house everyday to help take care of the kids stepped on her. Oh my! She passed away. I cried and that was last Monday. I miss this funny feathery friend. I suddenly realized that we can't get a pet. If I can't recover easily from this, how much more if I get a pet that I'll keep for years or months?  The kids moved on easily but still get silent when we talk about our feathery friend.

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