Jan 7, 2014

Wall Decals Kids Would Love

My friend, Rose, recently acquired some wall art decals and pasted them on their mirror, instead of on the wall. And it turned out so beautiful. I couldn't believe how a very simple mirror is transformed into something very striking. I suddenly wanted wall decals for myself, too. I want something that the kids would also love. For seven years, we haven't put anything on our walls to brighten them up or even make them look nicer. I guess, the time has come to add some colorful touches on our boring walls. Why wall decals? Wall decals are easy to set up and easy to remove. It's also convenient for us and people in our situation -- we don't own the house yet and we cannot repaint without getting permission from the owners. Plus, repainting would be such a hassle.

I'm not looking to do this in the very near future, given our financial situation right now, but I'd been checking sites out. Beautifying our home is definitely on one of my todo-list this year. I don't know any stores locally that sell wall decals and the best place to search for them is online. Incidentally, I came across this beautiful site. If you're looking for Removable Wall Stickers, this is the site to go. I'm talking about WallDecalsPop.com. Just head on to their site and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Wall Decals Kids Would Love
Their nursery wall stickers are breathtakingly cute. This one, especially, though my boys would not approve, lol.

And since my boys are already at the age where they don't prefer this blend of colors and the cuteness overload anymore, I had to find them something else that they'd be ecstatic over. This:

Basketball robot playing Basketball at walldecalspop.com
Aren't they the cutest? Honestly, I felt happy when I went to their website, all the wall decals made me smile. And that's what wall decals are supposed to do. To brighten not only your walls but to lift your spirits as well, day in and day out. 

What I love about the site
The site itself is very easy to navigate. I feel it's a happy place, with no clutter. You can easily find the kind of wall decals that you want (depending on where you want to put them) because they're categorized according to rooms: nursery and kids, living room,  kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office).  You can also shop by the type of wall decals that you want (example, retro, birds and butterflies, nature and trees). And they have a good selection of lettering and quotes also. 

The products. The designs are really impressive. I have a few other designs I would like to buy given the chance. When it comes to the quality, of course I cannot vouch for that yet, because I haven't ordered anything yet. But if you look at the glowing customer reviews at the side bar, it looks like the quality is great because overall there's a high level of customer satisfaction. Everyone seems happy over the site, the designs of the wall decals and the delivery.

Also, the wall decals are custom-made. Every.single.order is made according to the customer's specifications.  
The Payment Method: Hear ye, work at home moms and dads, online workers, they accept PayPal as a payment method. Yiipeee!

Worldwide Shipping and free shipping over  $50. This is very important for us living in the other side of the world. I noticed that most of the products range around $30 and up so getting the free shipping would not be so hard to accomplish. 

They have sale or special offers! The wall decals above are actually on 34% and 33% off respectively. And they have special promo right now which says Buy 2 Get 3rd Free plus the free shipping over $50. Isn't that a lot of savings.

So again, if you're looking for wall decals that your kids will love, head on over to WallDecalsPop.com. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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