Jan 23, 2014

Preparing For Basti's Retreat

We're busy at the moment preparing for Basti's retreat. He's just going to Tagaytay for a retreat on Saturday and will be back Sunday. It's a big deal for us. It's the first time he'll be away from home. I am nervous but I tell myself that he'll be all right. Of course, he'll be all right. Other kids have gone on retreats before and it's time  we let him spread his wings and fly. He'll be in high school next year. 

It's cold here in Manila and it's colder in Tagaytay. I'm trying to pack his bag with jogging pants and jackets instead of pajama for the night stay. I may add in a bonnet, too. By the way I'm packing, you would have think he's going on vacation. I made a list of what he needs to bring - meds, clothes, snacks, toiletries, et cetera. Most of my worries are petty, really. Would he be cold out there? I hope he takes his meds before going to bed. Gosh, I hope he takes meds for motion sickness before they travel back to Manila. 

Basti and his classmates have far more important preparations, the spiritual kind of preparation. This morning they went on confession.

I haven't been on a retreat for the longest time. I don't know anymore how they do retreats nowadays. Of course, I expect there will a lot of sharing. There will be talks and lectures, a lot of praying, and a lot of looking deep within. I don't know if there will be games or if they will even be able hear songs played with guitars and other musical instruments. I doubt there'll be ibanez acoustic guitars in the retreat house, but I know there will be music. Whatever they do, I hope Basti learn a lot from the experience and I hope he comes out of it a better person. I hope he gets something good that he will take with him until he grows up. I say a little prayer each day for the success of the retreat and safe travel for the kids. 


  1. I believe it's something Basti will have to undergo anytime soon now and it's okay. Retreats are always fun and a lifetime experience. :)

  2. I'm sure Basti would learn a lot in the retreat and also gain new friends too.

  3. Retreat is something that is necessary for kids to experience. It gave them avenue to think of things. It is always great that he has all the things he needs out there when you are not around.


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