Jan 18, 2014

Personalized Teacher Gifts From GoodBuddyNotes

How time flies. In just a few months, my eldest would graduate from elementary school and move on to high school or Grade 7 in this case. This week, his class is having a retreat and I'm on jitters letting him travel to Tagaytay and stay overnight there without me and hubby. But we tell ourselves, he needs this, it's a retreat anyway. He will be safe. He is with his teachers and one of them assures me that she'll personally see to it that my son takes his meds and sleep early.

Speaking of teachers, I'm planning to give Basti's teachers gifts on graduation day as a way of thanking them. I've know some of them for years. I'm not decided yet on what to give them but I've been checking online. I'd probably go for my local personalized gift store or order in advance online. I'm so lucky to find personalized teacher gifts from GoodBuddyNotes.com. I was thinking of journals and planners but there are lot more that you can find at GoodBuddyNotes like stationaries, mugs, to-do list, teacher notes and brag books. I am going to explore this site more in the coming weeks.

If you're in the US, you should check this site out as well for your kids' teachers. I'm sure the personalized gifts will make their day. The designs of the products are illustrated by artist Shelley Dieterichs who had received awards for illustrating children's books. I can say that the designs are not something you see on just any other personalized products. I recommend to try them out. 

I'm also thinking of sourcing out gifts for Basti's classmates, especially the girls. I'm thinking of things that they can use in the years to come. The owner of the store where I bought the personalized pens months before Christmas suggested tags for bags that are appropriate to their age. I might just do that. It's less costly and I could give to more kids that way. I hope I'll get the budget for this soon. Work, work, I really must, lol.

How about you, where do you usually buy gifts for your kids' teachers and friends? 


  1. Awww soon, he would be introducing a girlfriend sis hehehe.

  2. We used to give teachers gifts too - I have no idea where my mom gets the goodies though lol but I believe it's practical items lol that any teacher needs.

  3. It's nice that there's a site for teacher's gift as they serve as guardians to kids in the school.

  4. Great ideas sis. This is perfect as this week will be the spirit week for my children's school and on Wednesday, it is teacher's day so I might introduce this to Ms. Burrito.


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