Jan 28, 2014

Let's Google It Up #1: What's An Elephant Fish?

Sometimes out of the blue, my kids would ask me questions I don't have an answer to. Most of the time, I would answer "Let's Google it up," since I'm always in front of the computer, anyway. I wish I could say, "Oh let's look it up in the encyclopedia", but we don't have that. I wish I could say, "Let's take a walk to the library and find out," but that's inconvenient because the kids usually ask these questions after school, hence library's closed. So it's easier to say, "Let's Google it up."

The latest Let's Google It Up moment was last night when Sam asked, "Mama, what's an elephant fish?" Elephant fish, is there such a thing. So we searched for it. Here's what the search result page looks like:

The yellow one is a hoax,  they say. The real elephant fish according to Wikipedia "may refer to the freshwater elephantfish, the family Mormyridae of ray-finned fish or it may refer to the marine elephantfish, also called elephant shark, the family Callorhinchidae or plownose chimaeras, in the class of cartilaginous fish". 

And the freshwater elephantfish, family Mormyridae looks like this: 

Photo Credit
If you want to see another elephant fish (Callorhynchus milii), you can check out the Nat Geo Creative for a photo of the said elephant fish. 

By looking it up online and seeing pictures, the kids have a clearer idea and better understanding of the answers to their questions. Usually, this questions are followed up by other 'related events' the following day. Hence, I am not surprised that I was presented with this clay models this afternoon. The green one is from Sam and the yellow one is from Simon. I'm sure the elephant fish does not have large ears, kids' imagination, lol. 

And with that, I'm logging off for the day. Enjoy whatever's left of the day, everyone!

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