Jan 28, 2014

How Many Headphones Do You See?

How many headsets do you see? That's right, four. I'm using four headphones when I'm working. Some headphones sound better than others depending on the file I'm working on. Headphones are very important to me as a transcriber, especially nowadays when a bulk of my income are coming from my transcription projects. When I have spare money, I buy not gadgets or beauty supplies but headsets. I am using the red one which my kids got as a gift for Christmas. I'm just borrowing it, hehehe. It's more expensive than any of the three headsets, because all three are free given to me by my brother. The kids love headphones as well but not as much as I do. I would join every giveaway I come across if the prize is a headset. I am very easy to please. Sometimes, I let the kids use the red and white ones and they pretend they're DJs carrying novation twitch case at guitar center. They use the headphones as well to block out the sound of the thunder during a  stormy weather. I am hoping that somebody would give me another set of headphones for my birthday. I can never get enough of them. :) 

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  1. I also like the white and res ones. They are attractive and looks really cool. I think as a Transcriber, having good headphones are one od your best assets Sis Mai!


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