Jan 23, 2014

Books We Read At Bedtime

B is for books. These are some of the books that my boys read during bedtime. These three were read, I think Monday or Tuesday evening. I usually read to them. But now, Sam is beginning to read on his own. Sometimes, the kids want one book for a whole week. And sometimes, each day, they choose a different one. It's like ice cream, they have what they call flavor of the month. Here, it's the book of the week.Or books of the week. 

Gusto  Ko Nang Lumaki! by Liwliwa Malabed

"Gusto Ko Nang Lumaki!" (I want to Be All Grown-up!) is written by my bestfriend's sister, young writer Liwliwa Malabed. Liwliwa already has a handful of books published and this is one of them. It was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2005 Philippine Board on Books For Young People - Salanga Writer's Prize. It's a story of a youngest child who wishes that she's all grown-up because she's always being badgered by her four older siblings. Later on, she realized that it is fun to be the youngest, despite all the badgerings. My bestfriend said this is a true story, hehe, the older siblings being them and the youngest child, her sister the writer. The book is written in Tagalog and English.


The Sun, written by Steve Tomecek, illustrated by Carla Golembe.My kids love this book. It is not a storybook but the kids want me to read it to them every night. I must admit that I love it too, especially that cat. It is part of the Jump Into Science Series of the National Geographic. It was given to us by the author of the first book, Liwliwa. It's an easy-to-understand book on facts about the sun and why it is important to us. The illustration really catches the eye of the young readers. Our favorite first lines:
It happens every morning. You jump out of bed, as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, you see it. The sun rises in the sky and a new day begins. Even on cloudy days, the sun gives us light.
Your child will learn how far the sun is, its composition, what solar flares are, why there's daytime and night, and why there are seasons, the planets in relation to the sun (It's copyrighted 2001 and so, you got to update your child in the new developments in the solar system.)  All that in one book of 32 pages. I can't find this anymore in the National Geographic store but it is on Amazon, together with two other books, The Moon and The Stars.


Bakit Matagal Ang Sundo Ko? (Why is Mommy Late) by Christine Canon is also a dual-language book that tells the story of a young girl who is waiting to be picked up from school by her mom. Her mom is late picking her up and she begin to imagine why her mom is late and how her mom would try to get to her in any way she can. This is a great story and very relevant to preschoolers as it happens that moms are late in picking up their children. Simon can relate to this, as I'd been late in picking him up from school a couple of times. Don't worry, dears, the school is just two blocks away from home and he stays with his teachers while he waits. He must have remembered this book every time I was late. The book won the 2001 Grand Prize in the Philippine Board on Books For Young People - Salanga Writer's Prize.

I hope to be able to write more about the books we read in the future. I am just so glad that my kids look forward to reading time before going to sleep. There are so many books that I still would really love to buy for them if I only have the budget. Good thing my brother gave us a Literati for Christmas and we now download epubs and PDFs of some stories. More of that in my future posts. But really, the kids prefer the smell, the feel and the beauty of printed words.


  1. I love children's books - often there are messages in them for us adults.
    Denise ABC Team.

  2. BOOKS give BOYS and girls an entry into another world! Kate, ABC Team

  3. Great suggestions for children's reading.

    abcw team

  4. I can't get the Daughter to go to bed because she wants to keep reading!


  5. This book seems really great! My niece tends to just scan on books we read it for her and it's always a nice thing to do.

  6. I think Filipino based children's book is a niche market that can be explored by local writers.

  7. Helping kids to take an active interest in reading is one the best things that a parent can do !

  8. Thank[s for reminding me sis, I slacked off reading to my kids. I have to get back to it again. It's nice that some book are available in dual languages.


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