Sep 27, 2013

Let There Be Light

My brother commented that it's kinda dark inside our house. I couldn't agree more. If we turn on both lights in the sala and in the kitchen, it would be too bright inside. If we turn on just one, it's a little bit dark. I wish this house is ours already. So we could do whatever we want with this house. It's not ours yet. Buying the house is not that easy, as hubby and I had discovered. Our landlord is cooperating fully and are really heaven-sent but the list of requirements is too long and exhausting for first-timers like us. I wish we could shop already on this website here for slv lighting but that would not be practical yet. We cannot change anything on the structure of the house and then have it rebuilt later on. Instead, we will just change the bulbs for now, haha, and concentrate on getting those list of requirements done.

Basti's Drawing

This is Basti's drawing. He did this last year. It was on an old notebook. One day, he said he didn't want to make his project because he would need to draw it. And he said he doesn't know how. Hubby and I got slightly angry. We know he can draw, he took after his father. He just wants his father to draw for him. We were mad because he's not using his gift, the talent that God has given him. 

So, every time he says he can't draw, I show him this piece of paper, along with some other drawings that I collected since he was a kid. And I say to him not all people can draw. It's a talent, a gift. To be able reproduce through whatever medium whatever it is you're seeing with your eyes is not something everyone can do. And if he practice he will improve. I want him to see that we are proud of him and that we believe he has potential. I know right now, he's interested more in music than drawing right now, but I'm hoping that in the years to come, he'll practice drawing more and more.

Sep 25, 2013

A Cajon For The Boys?

Sam wants a piano and Simon wants drums. It's nice to see that even in their preferences to instruments, the difference in their personalities shows. Silent, introspective, and moody Sam, who wants to be left alone most of the time, wants a piano. The very active, energetic and noisy Simon wants drums, to further infuriate me and the neighbors with his noise. :)

Last week, I learned about a new musical instrument that I really haven't heard of before. I looked at YouTube and since the kids were at home (school is out due to bad weather), they saw what I was watching on YouTube, too. They agreed that they want this new instrument instead. I don't even know what how this instrument works so I had to Google it up. The said instrument is called a cajon.

 The person who the kids saw in YouTube was using a meinl cajon caj8mb-m. It seems that the Meinl is the more popular brand of cajon. If this brand and musical instrument is not that pricey, I would like to get this for the kids. It's not as noisy as drums and takes up less space. 

Sep 24, 2013

Wishing for Sunshine

Happy Tuesday morning! Although this post is supposed to be for Monday Mellow Yellow. Thank goodness the rain stopped. I haven't seen Mr. Sun yet but this is better than yesterday. I hope the rain would say bye for now and come back only when it's needed. What wishful thinking, huh? 

 Meanwhile, I'm putting a little bit of sunshine into this post. Enjoy this beautiful yellow flower. 

At the Manila Seedling Bank

Both photos are a little bit edited. Just auto-corrected. I'm using PicMonkey and I love it. They have so many cool fonts, overlays and effects.

Meanwhile, provinces North of Manila here in the Philippines are in state of calamity. There are photos circulating on the web of an entire town market submerged in flood water. These people affected by the flood need our help. If you have time and resources and are able, please lend a hand. You can visit the Philippine Red Cross on how to volunteer or donate cash or goods.

Keep safe, warm and dry, everyone!

Sep 22, 2013

Sterling Silver Bracelet On My Wish List

I recently made a wish list for Christmas on my other blog. I have there a smoothie maker, a blender, a mixer, a USB memory stick, printer, camera and a headset. That list is almost complete. I just forgot to add in some accessories. I'm not really into fashion or make-up or anything like that, but I really love fashion accessories and costume jewelry. At one point, I was making them myself, thanks to my best friend who taught me how. I would love to have some new bracelets and necklaces to go with a new outfit this Christmas. Excited? You bet I am. But, for a change, it would be good to have a sterling silver bracelet to go with a new dress. A new dress? What? My boys would say, "What's gotten into you, Mama?" Well, a wish list is a wish list, anyway. No harm in making them and no harm in adding in the sterling silver bracelet in there. Who knows, somebody among my friends might play Santa :) and grant my wish. After all, I've been a very good mom this year. :)  Yeah, I think so.

Sep 10, 2013

Pastel on Sandpaper


 This is hubby's artwork. He made this a few years ago. He used pastel on sand paper. 

pastel on sandpaper
I love this piece. My husband also paints using charcoal and tried making caricatures as well. You can check out my old post on his drawings. He accepts local assignments HERE, more as a hobby than work because he has a full time job which is so unrelated to arts and music.

Sep 5, 2013

Better Than Playing Online Games

My eldest said yesterday that he needs to replace the broken chord as soon as possible. He has more time to practice now with all the August activities at school over and done with. I'm gonna see where I can buy that broken chord since he has saved enough money for it, I guess. He was also talking about tone hammer, which I had to look up at Google to understand more about. I also checked on videos to see what that is. I told him he may not be needing that yet, and besides his cousin, my nephew the guitarist, may have that already. Better check that out first.

I'm glad his interest in music is sustaining itself. I'd rather see him strum the guitar than play computer games all the time. Although, I know he has learned a lot being online, it doesn't do good for his social life to be always in front of the computer. When playing a guitar, he has a buddy who he's interacting with. He's also more relaxed when playing the guitar. It would be great for him to be unplugged, so to speak.

Flowers For Mama Mary

Orange You Glad It's Friday

We have a very special guest in our home during the month of July. The statue of the Virgin Mary stayed with us for four weeks and left on Simon's birthday. The statue moves from house to house in our subdivision every other two Saturdays, where prayers are offered during the transfer from one's house to the next. The statue of the Virgin Mary overextended her stay in our home because the neighbors were not available to receive her and we deem it best for her to stay until Simon's birthday. 

Every Saturday, I buy flowers for her. White flowers is what she came in with, yellow flowers on the second week, roses on the third week, and this gorgeous bouquet of I don't know what before her departure. 

During her stay, I taught the kids the Lord's Prayer in Tagalog and they were able to memorize it before she left. Now, they recite the Ama Namin every night before they go to bed just after their "Angel of God..." prayer.

Sep 4, 2013

Musical Notes and Musical Staff

Sam's studying musical notes now on his Music, Arts, Health and Physical Education (MAHPE) class. It's hard for me to teach him all this musical stuff because I don't have any musical inclination at all. Music is like Math to me. I dare not understand it, hahaha. Good thing is that Sam's teacher was able to teach him well. He now knows all the musical notes and can distinguish the half notes from the 1/8 notes and quarter notes. He also is starting to get to know his musical staff better. The next thing to learn is applying this knowledge to actual practice.

Sam likes music. He loves listening to classical music. I know this because he would sometimes request to play the CD of classics we have before he goes to sleep. So I wouldn't be surprised if he goes down the musical path when he grows older. I can imagine him singing, or conducting behind a music stands wood at m123 or strumming a guitar. It's not a remote possibility as his father's side of family all love to sing. 

If you're a parent and would like to teach your child music, it's not as easy as you think. But with strategies and teaching tools, games, and fun-filled related activities, teaching kids musical notes would be a little bit of a breeze.

Linggo ng Wika Celebration

Basti, The Props Man (Speech Choir)
Among the happy memories of August is the celebration of Linggo ng Wika. Basti was a props man in their Sabayang Pagbigkas or Speech Choir and my dear hubby made one of the two backdrops. It was a family effort as he painted/drew over 4 pieces of huge construction board in the sala while the kids played and helped in their own way all around us. It was chaos, but the good kind of chaos. At the night before the flood, we made waffles (thanks to sister's waffle maker) while doing the backdrop and we ate while we drew. The kids had fun and were really satisfied with the cheese-filled waffles.

The parents of  Basti's classmates also helped in making some of the props. But there was one parent who really went out of her way to make sure that everything the kids need are provided to them. I helped her in making some of the accessories as well. Basti's group won. It's not a surprise to me anymore because the kids are really dedicated into what they were doing. They practice every day, rain or shine. The parents are involved and can claim victory too for their cooperation. 

On the day of the awarding, Basti wore a barong tagalog. Looking at him, I couldn't help but sigh. He's taller than me now and turning twelve in October but practically a teenager already. He said he doesn't want to be a props man ever again, lolz, because he and his classmate carried the very heavy ladder needed as props during the presentation. Poor guy, I may not let him anymore. It's not good for him to be so tired .

Simon and Sam's Linggo ng Wika
The two younger ones had their Linggo ng Wika celebration on the last day of August. Simon danced to the tune of "Mamang Sorbetero" (which Simon always says Mamang Sementeryo) and Sam delivered some lines of a poem together with his classmates. I am so proud of this two. They like what they're doing and are not shy to perform. I am also very glad that their teachers are dedicated and gave their best also in their performance. Some students dance the Itik-itik dance and the Maglalatik dance.

August In A Hindsight
August had been one busy month for us. It had been a challenging month for the family -- emotionally, physically and financially. Thank God, it's September now and things are looking up again. As much as August is challenging, it is also very fulfilling. We always come out closer to each other with shared experiences, difficulties and happy memories.

Thankful Thursday
(my first and don't know where to link this up) 

I am thankful for my kids who are able to cope in their own way and are able to understand the difficulties we are going through even at a young age.  Even during the three-day flood, they behaved well and endured two-and-a-half day of no water and electricity. They were brave enough not to cry as they were being evacuated through flood water to my in-law's house. Kuya Basti waded through flood water for the first time in his life. I am so proud and thankful for my kids.

Sep 1, 2013

Nephew's Love of Music

My nephew, whom I had blogged about, is really deep into music. Anyone can tell with a just a glance on his Facebook wall. His wall is flooded with music related stuff, from gigs to featured bands, to photos of his guitar and links of sale of other musical intruments. I thought he would be interested in guitars only and other guitar accessories like classic Ampeg Guitar Amplifiers at musician's friend but I find posts about pedal boards, cymbals and other musical instruments as well. And that is good. I hope he and my Basti would get together soon. I'm sure Basti would learn a lot from him.

The Doctor's Clinic

Last month, I took my nephew to my kids' pediatrician for a check-up. He had been coughing badly and needed medicine for his cough. His mother suffered a stroke and we took him in for a couple of weeks. We were waiting patiently for our turn when I noticed that the clinic had been repainted and renovated. Gone was the Dora the Explorer wall painting and the giraffes and the monkeys swinging on a vine. My kids would be disappointed when they visit the doctor's clinic in the future.

I actually like the new look. The wall is easier on the eye and there's a photo of a koi on the wall. The records cabinet is old though and could use some makeover but it looks just right in that setting. I love looking out the window, out to the bakery across the street. The street is empty as this was taken early morning, but at around 11:00, there'd be lots of jeepneys passing through that street.  

We went home riding a yellow pedicab (a form of rickshaw). My nephew was diagnosed with bronchitis, prescribed some meds and is fully recovered now. So is his mother. Thanking God for the gift of healing.

This is just a glimpse of my everyday life, shared