Aug 31, 2013

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

My sister is starting a new hobby. She's crocheting and knitting now. I am green with envy that she still  has time to start a new hobby. I used to have hobbies , until I couldn't find the time for them anymore. I used to  cross-stitch. Now, I can't anymore because of my eyesight. I also used to make fashion jewelry and accessories -- trinkets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Those were the times when fashion jewelry and accessories were starting to be the in thing and  nobody's making them here that much. I've managed to sell a few. I stopped when, suddenly, out of the  blue, the market got flooded with fashion accessories imported from other countries and anyone can buy them at a very low price.

I still have the tools and some leftover materials for making fashion accessories. My interest was rekindled because of my sister's new hobby. I have more time now that the kids are older and are in school most of the day. I looked online for inspiration and, just in time, I found a link for wholesale costume jewelry. I was looking for a site where I could buy some more materials, but I love this site anyway, although what they have are already made costume jewelry. My heart skipped at the possibility of not creating but buying in bulk and selling instead. They offer a huge variety of  jewelry and other fashion accessories at a low price, AND they have international shipping. The section that I love the most in that website is the teen and jewelry section. They absolutely have cute stuff there (like a Mickey Mouse Charm bracelet).

I am still looking for a site for the materials. That site I found only offers tags and cards. I could go to the stores in Quiapo, but I really hate to travel that far. Best way is to  order them online.  I am hoping that I will really be able to start again this not-so-new hobby.

Mommy Finance Workshop - September 07, 2013

Yet again, another great workshop for mommies from Manila Workshops and this time, with Fitz Gerard Villafuerte of  Ready To Be Rich (

This workshop is all about managing personal finance and family budget. You can expect practical advice and tips that you can apply everyday to achieve that financial security that you've been aiming for, for yourself and for your family. 

Mommies, don't forget to bring your hubbies or partners in life!    This workshop is also for  breadwinners, single parents, and    newlyweds!                                      
Just head on over to Manila Workshop website to register!

Aug 27, 2013

Military Families and The Challenges They Face: An Infographic

As I was reading this infographic, I can't help but admire even more the men and women that are serving the military. Ultimately, their decision to serve their country as military men not only affects them but affects also the lives of their loved ones. This infographic tells us about the challenges of military families and how they can cope.

Military Families - The Common Challenges They Face by Low VA Rates
I know there shouldn't be any comparison, the risks that military men are facing are far greater, but I can't help thinking that Filipino OFW families have almost the same challenges when it comes to loneliness, missing loved ones and missing holidays and milestones. And the tips here are something that they can also learn from.

Dark, Dim Day

This post is supposed to be for the D of ABC Wednesday but I got so busy that I forgot to post. And they will be on the letter G already tomorrow. I guess I just have to catch up with my ABC posts. Anyway, I wanted to share these photos taken weeks ago, when the sun came out but couldn't shine. These were taken early morning, around 8:00 to 9:00 when it should have been hot already. I can't imagine living in a world like this, dark and dim -- although that's what we'd been having the past few days with two storms coming in one after the other.  

Everyday, when I wake up, I pray for sunshine. I pray that if it's going to rain, make it rain just a little bit. I pray for all children (including mine) to be warm and comfortable in their homes and moms like me to be worry-free. Hope you could join me in my prayers.

Aug 26, 2013

Speech Choir Props

Hubby had been working on a backdrop for some days now. The backdrop is for Basti's speech choir. Basti is a props man. And since he's a props man in his class' speech choir, we figured we better make some of the props. Hubby spent hours on drawing a war scene with pastel. Given the short amount of time and because of the recent flood, it was such a rush job and the output was not as fabulous as we would like it to be. But it still came out fine. The organizers were satisfied enough with hubby's work. What's important is that it would have the effect of chaos with lots and lots of fire and smoke.

The class is thinking of using dry ice for the smoke effect. I would have recommended the classic fog juice at musician's friend for that effect but there's really no time to order and have it shipped, if they ship international at all. Besides, there's already another person in charge of the dry ice. They said they will be looking for dry ice at the local ice cream maker. 

Basti and all the other props men will be wearing an all black costume while the speech choir participants will be wearing Filipiniana attire.

Piece of Cake

Simon brought a cake to school for recess. He did not have a birthday party at school, so he brought a cake and juice instead to share with his classmates. One of the admin staff, Ate Tin, made a birthday poster for him. We all love the birthday poster with all of its minions. Simon was so happy when his classmates sang the birthday song to him. Sometimes, making a child so happy is a piece of cake. :)

Sharing this wonderful moment with Kids In Doodles

Aug 23, 2013

Broken String

Two weeks ago, my eldest Basti asked permission to go to his friend's house to practice strumming with his classmates. It was the first time to bring his guitar outside of the house and so I reminded him that the guitar is his property and whatever happened to it, he would be responsible for it. He said yes, he understood.

He came home an hour and a half later (just as I told him to do) and said, "Mama, there's good news and bad news." I hold my breath for what was coming. "The good news is I finally got to use a pick." And the bad news? "The bad news is the string broke while I was using the pick." I didn't have to say anything. He knew he'll be needing to save up to have that string replaced and won't be using the guitar for quite awhile.

The guitar may be Basti's first possession, one that he can call as his own with pride. The computer, he says, doesn't feel like his because everyone's using it and he can only use it for a couple of hours a day. The guitar is all his. During the recent flood, we put all appliances and gadgets upstairs until there's not much space left. The guitar took a little bit of space and we had to make sure it doesn't get squashed or scratched by the other much heavier stuff. 

I can't help thinking that time, when we were arranging the appliances upstairs, that it would also be great if we have looked at exciting traveler guitar guitars at guitar center. Those foldable and small guitars would really appealing to people with small space or who are always traveling. I'm not sure though if Basti would appreciate that, though. Of course, kids doesn't think of convenience when buying these kind of things. They just want to strum.

A string was broken but a lesson was learned... I hope. :)

Aug 16, 2013

Be Happy, Go Stress Free Workshop (Sept. 8)

Now, this is a workshop I sure would love to be a part of. The Be Happy, Go Stress Free workshop, happening on September 8, Sunday at Babyland in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, aims to help moms achieve a calmer and happier life. 

Are you a working mom with a high – stress life? Are you a work-at-home mom or a stay-at-home who wants to relieve stress brought about by the pressure of  making a living while making a home almost 24/7? Have you gained weight because of stress eating and wants to start your weight loss journey on the right foot? Do you worry about money and wants to manage it successfully? 

If yes is the answer to all of these questions, then this workshop is for you!
Head on over to Manila Workshop to sign up and start living that stress-free life!

Aug 12, 2013

$200 Toys R Us Gift Card Giveaway! Open Worldwide

Welcome to the $200 Toys R Us Gift Card Giveaway!

Enter to win a $200 Toys R Us Gift Card or the chance to pick a country for Carole P. Roman's "If you were me and lived in…" series

 Award winning author Carole P. Roman is a former teacher turned businesswoman. She has successfully run a family business with her husband that employs close to five hundred people. Her most favorite job is being grandmother to her many grandchildren.

Roman has two wonderful sons and hit the jackpot in the daughter-in-law department. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband. Her first book, Captain No Beard - An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life has been named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 as well garnered the star of remarkable merit. Captain No Beard has developed into a series of 3 more books.

Her next project is the book series I Want To Do Yoga Too

She is currently working on a new educational series that explores different cultures from a child's point of view. Carole has included Mexico, France and South Korea in the series. Turkey and Norway are coming soon!

"If you were me and lived in South Korea..."

"If you were me and lived in South Korea..."

Wouldn't it be great to have your country featured on this series? 

Carole P. Roman would love the opportunity to have one lucky reader pick a country for an upcoming book. In addition, the winner will get signed copies of all the books in the series and will receive the new book as soon as it is released. A second winner will win a $200 (USD) Toys R Us gift card or paypal cash.


So what are you waiting for? Enter to win a $200 Toys R Us Gift Card or the chance to pick a country for Carole P. Roman's "If you were me and lived in…" series. All you have to to do is...

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Aug 10, 2013

Happy Feet Birthday!

Happy Feet Birthday! 
was what my youngest had been saying all day last weekend.  It was his fifth but he thought the  word fifth is feet and it just sounded cooler that way. He knows though that he's already five.

He didn't have a party and we celebrated with just a simple snack -- 
the kids' favorite dad-cooked spaghetti and fried chicken. 
But guess what? 
He had three cakes, all thanks to people who remembered his birthday and came over to celebrate. We felt loved and  blessed!

It's been five years of fun with my youngest little man. His personality simply brings energy and sunshine into our home. He's a stubborn child which makes every day a challenge and exciting too, for the battle of wits and quips never ends. To my son, Happy birthday, little man! You are loved!

Aug 7, 2013

Giving Back with Pasko Sa Agosto Giveaways 2013!

Open to Philippine residents only/ August 7th to August 28th
I'm really excited to be part of the Pasko Sa Agosto Giveaway hop! The Pasko sa Agosto is all about giving back and that's why I'm participating. I've won so many giveaways in the last few years that it's now time for me/us to give a little back.

This giveaway caravan is hosted by CDO Mom. The mechanics are so simple and easy to do. Just do all the tasks listed in the Rafflecopter. Visit all of the participating blogs and get more chances to win cool prizes. Giveaways are open to Philippine residents only. Giveaways starts August 7th and ends August 28th.

Since my kids love to read, we'll be giving away three (3) children's books from the young children's storybook author, Liwliwa Malabed, published by Lampara Books. These are some my kids' favorites! All books are signed by the author herself. You can visit her blog at Pinalayang Haraya to read more stories for and to your kids.

And as an additional prize, for the mommies, I'll be giving away a 60ml of Potentilla room diffuser. You can read my review about it here. This will be a month-long giveaway, so who knows, I might be able to add in some more prizes, hopefully. So visit us back from time to time.

So what are you waiting for? Just do the tasks in the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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