Jan 27, 2013

Kids In Doodles: Cash Gifts

Happy Sunday, everyone! I'm just making a quick post here for Kids In Doodles. Hope you could join and have fun with us. Today, we're talking about Christmas gifts!

My kids received a lot of cash gifts. They received more cash than toys from generous uncles and aunts and ninongs and ninangs. And it is really great receiving cash gifts. Cash gifts are gifts of choice. With cash gifts, we were able to buy them things they really want and things they need. Below, you can see some of what we bought for them: Kuya Basti's headset, a USB car mouse for their computer, mugs, some pencils, two sets of nice pencil cases with Plants versus Zombies which they super duper love, a Ben 10 bag for Sam (super worth it), a 12-piece set of towels for their backs (just an afterthought while shopping). (The chocolate sticks in the picture are just pasalubong, lol). These things were bought with what they want (and what they would want) in mind.

And  these three below the main picture are their most favorite toy gifts: From left to right, Plants Versus Zombies stuff toy which are gifts from me and hubby to the two younger boys; Simon's ninang dropped by and gave him the ala-Lego race car that we pieced together unsuccessfully; and the blocks that Simon got at Sam's Christmas party. 

Other things Basti was able to buy with his cash gifts were K-Zone mags. He decided to share his blessings by buying some for his classmates as a belated Christmas gifts. Basti and Sam also asked for eye masks and we bought them some cute ones but they didn't use them because they don't fit right. And we added two books to our bedtime book collections and hoping to add more (now, I can't find those books with all the mess in our house). We have bought so many things for them already and there are still some gift cash leftover that we are holding for safekeeping for the kids (wink, wink). 

Overall, it was a great Christmas for the kids. The kids were very happy to receive their gifts and the happy looks on their faces were priceless. The kids were happy and we feel so blessed, that's all that matters.  Thanks so much, ninangs and ninongs, titos and titas, family and friends for your generosity!  I am wishing that next year, we will be able to give back so much more than what we have received this year.

Now, it's your turn to share! What have you received this Christmas? What have your kids received? Head on over to Kids In Doodles and share with us what you've got!

Jan 24, 2013

Ceelin Gift Pack

This gift pack came the other day. In it were two bottles of  Ceelin syrup and two bottles of Ceelin Plus (with Zinc) and 60-piece pack of Ceelin Chewable. 

Simon was so happy to receive this gift pack. Can you see how delighted he was with the gift pack? 

I had to hide these bottles in the cabinet away from him, because he wanted to play with them like they're Lego sets.

I am lucky to have kids who like to take their vitamins and medicine. They know they are necessary to good health and getting well when sick. Right now, we're consuming the Ceelin Chewables.There are 60 tablets in the pack so that would last them 20 days. The other Ceelin bottles would be saved for later or shared with other kids in the family or inaanaks.

I won these bottles of Ceelin from The Three Kings Day Giveaway of Rediscovering Health. Thanks so much to Unilab and Rediscovering Health. I am thankful for all these unexpected blessings. 

By the way, if you're a Philippine resident, you can enter to win a Ceelin Chewable gift pack of your own at the OurPricelessTreasures Ceelin Chewable Review and A Unilab Giveaway! Good luck and may you be blessed as I was blessed! 

Linking this Color Connections  and Kids in Doodles


Jan 21, 2013

Love for Music

My hubby is not only artistically inclined but musically inclined as well. He has a beautiful voice (am not bragging, just saying) and he loves to sing. Their past time as a family when he was still single was to sing with a karaoke. Now, they love singing with videokes and whenever they get together during fiestas, birthdays and other special occasions, there's sure to be a lot of  singing and belting out. Last I've heard, my sisters-in-law plan to buy a new sound system because the neighbor's sound system is louder than theirs, haha. I hope they buy a vocopro uhf-5805 at guitar center too because a wireless microphone would be so convenient for them. The kids would not trip on the wire of  the microphone too while they are playing in the living room. Also, their old one's not that good anymore. 

Singing with videokes and karaokes is a great family bonding. This is one family activity that I do not want my kids to miss. Good thing they're always at their grandma's house so they get to sing a song or two, too. Me, I'm always off-key so I sing only in the bathroom. :) Good thing that my boys have inherited their father's love for music and voice as well.

Beautiful Orchids at the Manila Seedling Bank

I am feeling lazy and sluggish today. I don't know what to write or where to start, though I have so many things to write about and just so many ideas in my head. I'm just not up to it. So I browsed my photos and saw once again these photos from our walk at the Manila Seedling Bank. Flowers brighten up my day. So I made a collage. And I feel a little better now. 

I'm sure there are lot of bees around. You'll also find a lot of B's in ABC Wednesday.
All the whites are for Wednesday Whites
And all the colors you see for Color Connection.

And here's some more:

Hope you all enjoy seeing these Beautiful flowers as much as I do!  Enjoy the rest of the week!

**Credits: B monograms from Misty Allen **

Jan 18, 2013

Planning to Buy A Guitar for Basti

A few month's ago, I was planning to buy Basti a guitar. This plan came about when, one day, while strolling at the mall, we saw a wonderful guitar store. The two young ones loved the cool guitars! They thought the small ones are guitars for kids their age and I told them those were ukuleles. 

And an idea stuck in my head, why not buy Basti a guitar? Playing the guitar is a great way to pass away the time. Seeing him strumming the guitar is better than seeing him in front of the computer. A guitar is a great companion, don't you think? And it's not that hard to take care of. I'm sure Basti can take care of his own guitar. If, by any chance, any of the strings break, he can always get Guitar Parts at musicians friend or just have the guitar repaired at the local guitar store.

I would love Basti to have a guitar. He still has money left over from his Christmas cash gifts. Maybe in the summer, when school's over and he's not busy anymore with tons of projects and school activities, we'll get him one. Playing the guitar is something he could learn over the long summer days.

WEE Rock Eco Friendly Giveaway!


There is something so classic and timeless about a rocking horse. They are an iconic symbol of childhood that people of all generations can relate to. Whether it’s sitting in a nursery or getting plenty of use in the playroom, a rocking horse can add a certain esthetic to the room.

Wee Rock Toy Co. has put a new spin on the classic rocking horse by making them sustainably in a convenient new design. Catherine O’Sullivan and Michael Galea, founders of Wee Rock Toy Co., used their architectural training to create a classic rocking horse that has only six pieces, allowing them to be shipped flat and assembled with no tools, no glue and no hardware!

These unique rockers are crafted from bamboo plywood – an ultra high quality, renewable and child-safe material. Unlike most plywood, the bamboo plywood used by Wee Rock Toy Co. uses a soy-based adhesive that emits zero VOCs and is a responsibly sourced renewable material. The bamboo parts are simply finished with a food-grade butcher-block conditioner. A huge bonus – all of these toys are cut, finished and packaged in the United States!

In addition to being sustainably made in the USA, the Wee Rock Toy Co. rockers are adorable, and currently available in five designs, including a classic horse, gorilla, elephant, rhino and giraffe. See the designs here.


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Jan 16, 2013

My First ABC Wednesday Post

A is for ABC Wednesday and I'm joining the fun today! A is also for Addict and I'm a scrapbook addict. Well, sort of. I haven't gone to the stage where I can't sleep without scrapping a photo but I'm getting there. Digital scrapbooking is something I have discovered a year ago. It's so easy to do and it's not messy like the traditional paper-and-pen scrapbooking, yet it's equally satisfying. 

Funny, because I've never been artistic as a child. Though I love to draw, I haven't had the inclination to devote any of my time to art or activities involving art and crafts like what I do a lot of now - scrapbooking, making collages, making invitations, cards, etc.

So that's it for today, I'm just sort of introducing myself to other ABC Wednesday participants. And I'll leave you with that beautiful letter A above from a very talented digital kit designer Misty Allen. Isn't that just deliciously beautiful. Sorry, I just can't resist posting that beautiful letter monogram. Everytime I see this ABC Wednesday comes to mind. :) Have a great Wednesday everyone!

No Time To Shop? Have Your Groceries Delivered to Your Doorstep by DailyErrands.ph!

As a busy work-at-home mom, I always find it hard to choose which I would do first, finished my online task or do my household chores. And I'm sure every work-at-home mom, at one point or another, have had this very same problem. I always wish I have more than 24 hours a day to do all the things I wish to do. It's not easy to multi-task. Sure, I can multi-task when I'm at home, like I wash the dishes while waiting for audios to load. And I make a blogpost while waiting for the dryer to stop spinning. I bloghop while cooking (seriously) and listen to audio files for transcription while doing my scrapbooks.

It's when I have to go outside and run errands and buy groceries that's really killing me (and my back). I find all these activities so time-consuming. I go to the market every morning and I come back 45 minutes later (even an hour if I have so many things to buy) all tired and sweaty and all of my momentum for work gone. And going to the groceries may be fun during weekends, but not when I have a deadline due in 12 hours or so!

Well, there is hope for me and other moms like me who are in the same condition. Have you seen this website yet?  DailyErrands.ph - Why drive to the grocery when your groceries can drive to you?

Isn't this the perfect solution to our problem, mommies? Shopping online as you already know is time-saving and convenient, and having groceries delivered right to our doorsteps in perfect condition is something we've always dreamt about.

About the Company: 
Inspired by Filipino sari-sari store, DailyErrands.ph is a company founded in 2012 by a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs. The company promises cost-efficient, convenient online grocery shopping experience, with fast and efficient delivery.

The Products:

There are thousands of products available on their site waiting to be delivered to your doorsteps with just a few clicks of the mouse :). These products ranges from Food (Canned Goods, Pasta ; Noodles, Chips ; Cookies, Candy ; Chocolate, Condiments, Cereals, Dairy, Sauce, Biscuits, Baby Food);  Beverages (Milk,Softdrinks, Coffee, Juices, Alcoholic Drinks, Energy Drinks,Bottled Water); and Household Items (Personal Hygiene,Cleaning Products, Baby Products, Cigarettes,Lighter). 

How To Order: Just follow these easy and simple steps.

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I would really love to use this service! As some of you already know, because of my back condition, I cannot lift heavy objects so it's always the hubby who do the groceries for us. I believe that more and more people - work-at-home moms, busy single and working moms -- will find this site very useful in the future.

Jan 15, 2013

Flowers at the Manila Seedling Bank #1: Money Plant

One of my favorite places here in Manila is the Manila Seedling Bank located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue. Why? Because it is home to many orchids, ornamental plants and bonsai trees. You can go there and buy potted plants, seedling fertilizers, landscaping materials, stones and garden supplies. 

When I dropped by there last December, one of the things that caught my eye was this money plant. Also known as jade plant, crassula, lucky plant, this plant is associated with good luck and prosperity. During the celebration of Chinese New Year, it is decorated with small red envelope, Chinese coins and/or red ribbon (just like you see below) to bring wealth to the family. 

This is my first entry to Ruby Tuesday, and I wish each and every participant prosperity, luck and good health all throughout 2013. Have a great Tuesday!

Jan 11, 2013

New Best Friend: Google Images

My kiddos' new best friend is Google Search. Everytime they hear something new -- a new word, a new character, a new plant at Plants versus Zombies or in any movies they're watching -- they would ask me, "What's that, mama?" Some words are easy to explain but the thing is, they want to see pictures. They would pick a word in random and we'll look it up in Google Images.

Some of the words we have Googled are swimming pools, court - as in basketball court, Power Rangers (although they've watched this almost every day), dinosaurs, comets, asteroids (Sam's lesson in Science), cigarettes and cigars (and this is because their favorite person, Mama Tess, smokes). The discussion of cigarettes is a long one since I had to explain why they can't smoke yet (or never I hope) while their Mama Tess do. We clicked on some websites just to see different kinds and I noticed that websites of some smoke shops specifically states that you have to eighteen in order to smoke or buy from their stocks. The discussion would then lead to why they can't and shouldn't and that's another Google search. :D

The latest word that I was asked by Simon to Google is the Tagalog word 'Torotot", meaning horn or trumpet. I don't know what brought about this question. But it must be because it being New Year, he must have heard this word from one of the TV programs. Without thinking, because I was working that time, I Googled the word "Torotot", not even translating to English. And what came up were few of the friendly children's horn or trumpets. But even more photos were that of posters of the Rated R movie Torotot starring Katya Santos and others in 2008. I totally forgot about that! Good thing I was able to close the screen before he saw anything he shouldn't see. 

Lesson learned: Google Images is fun and oh so informative, but we - parents -  must have  presence of mind  and foresight before we click on the word 'Search' because we don't know where that search will lead us.

Pretty Pink Bags

I wish I have a girl. So I can shower her with pink and cute girly stuff like this bag I saw at the mall while doing some Christmas shopping.

I like this one even better. 

 Aren't they adorable? Well, they say be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Oh no, not yet please!

 Today, I also want to thank Bless of Happy Life for the CollageIt Pro that I received through her giveaway last December. Just to give you guys an idea, here's a screenshot of how it looks. Just click on the image to enlarge.

Thanks, Bless. I love my CollageIt Pro software. It's so easy to use!

I love joining giveaways. Do you? I don't always win, but there are times that out of a blue I receive a letter or two congratulating me for winning. And it's really great to receive unexpected blessings. If you want to win something, you could try joining our $200 Hello New Year Giveaway. Who knows, you could be the lucky one. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jan 10, 2013

Screwdriver Pencils

Do you know what these are?

No, they're not really screwdrivers. They're actually pencils. The top part are erasers. My kids love these pencils. The first time hubby brought home one like these from his office, I wouldn't let the kids use it. They look like what others would identify at school as 'dangerous items', don't they? Anyway, after some time, the old one we have now looks like regular pencils. We bought these two pieces last Saturday with plans to give them to someone who might like them. 

I think these kind of novelty pencils are great promotional items. One thing I love during the holiday season is that many companies and establishments are giving away promotional items as a way of thanking their customers/clients. Two weeks ago, I was given an eco bag by our local grocery store for being their loyal customer. It was a good thing because I didn't have my eco bag with me that time and I bought so many items. The owner solved my problem right away.  

Other promotional items that would really be great to have are key chains, mouse pads, cellphone accessories, USB (why not? if the company is generous enough), tote bags, pencils and pens. How about you? What promotional items did you receive lately?

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Jan 9, 2013

Kids in Doodles: The Last of Our Christmas Photos


These are the last of our Christmas photos. I couldn't resist sharing them with everyone, especially after seeing Jared's Christmas photos at Kids In Doodles. Don't know Jared? You should, he's such an adorable little man. And you could join us every week too at Kids In Doodles. You can share with us any photos or experiences of your, well, kids by clicking on the badge above.

Here's my Simon on Christmas day. We went to SM and spent the day there and the two other kids went home with their grandmother while Simon went home with us. We dropped by the church and Simon was so cooperative posing for the cam. This was his best shot that day. 

And here are some photos of things the kids saw in our neighborhood during the Christmas season. The one below are Christmas lights that adorned our streets. The kids find this so cool. Like Star Wars they said. :)

And these are the Christmas lanterns that they've seen in the small Christmas Lantern Market at our place.

The night before Christmas (Christmas eve) we went to church. The trees around the church were adorned with white lanterns. What a beautiful sight!

And so, these are the last of the Christmas photos. Hope you all like them. Have a great Wednesday everyone. Happy Wednesday Whites, too!

Jan 8, 2013

Watching the Sky

Ever since I've joined SkyWatch Friday on my other blog, I've been looking up the sky almost every time I'm out of the house. It has become a habit  for me to look up to see changes in the cloud formations, to marvel at the blueness of the sky, or just to look at the sun and the moon. I love taking pictures of the sky. My camera just can't translate well to print or to digital image the beauty I see with my eyes. Most of the time, I ask my photographer brother to take a shot of the sky for me with his high-tech photo gadgets, like when there was a super moon.

One thing I haven't been able to do lately is take shots of the Manila skyline and its buildings against the sky. That is why whenever I go out of my hole to do some errands or to go out with friends and do some other stuff, I really go out of my way to get some city shots.

The shots below were taken four days before New Year's Eve. I went to a hospital to have my kidney stones removed and before going there, I took a shot of the busy highway, EDSA.

This one is around 11:30 AM. See those cranes at the side of the building? I love seeing those cranes and steel gantry cranes around the metro. They add character to the city. For me, they mean progress. Something is being built and something being built means jobs. These building were not even there the last time I was at the same place sometime ago. It was all open space.  

Here's another photo taken after the check-up, kidney stone ESWL treatment was re-scheduled for the next day, so my bestfriend and I went to UP Ayala Technohub to chill. This is the view from the overpass.

And this is the view on the other side, cloudy and gloomy:

These two photos are special to me because this highway and this sky is what hubby sees everyday as he goes to work, and it was my first time to see it last December.

And of course, before I went home, I couldn't resist taking a shot of the sunset, even if it was hidden behind those buildings.

That's it, friends! Hope you enjoyed these photos. Remember to look up once in awhile, there is beauty in the sky.

Jan 7, 2013

Church Shadows

My entry to Shadow Shot Sunday

I love how simple the altar is on the Saint Joseph Parish Church (Bamboo Organ Church). Other church altars I've seen were decorated with Christmas garbs during the season but not this one. It stands out in its simplicity and solemnity.

Jan 6, 2013

Happy Three Kings Day!!!

It's Sunday, January 6th, Three Kings Day here in Manila. Today marks the end of  the Christmas season, of  the very long Christmas season, here in the Philippines (they say it starts as soon as the Ber-months sets in).

my last attempt to post Christmas 2012 photos :)
Christmas in the Philippines is great and even made more special due to the presence of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) coming home from different parts of the world. Most of these OFWs had been absent for the whole year and even years working hard abroad,  making a living for their families. Christmas is more special when they come home and the whole family is complete.

I cannot imagine spending Christmas without my hubby beside me and the kids. And that is why I really admire those OFWs and their wives/hubbies for their sacrifices. I salute all OFWs all over the world who are earning a living as domestic helpers, engineers, nurses, skilled laborers and who endure being away from their families to provide them a good future. Most especially, I salute all our seamen who takes on crystal cruises jobs and jobs at tankers and cargo ships. I'm sure their lives are exciting - going around the world, seeing different exotic places and foreign cities, braving the sea, and experiencing so many things during their travels they wouldn't have a chance to experience back home, plus being able to work with people of different nationalities - but they too miss their families. Many of hubby's cousins and my brother-in-law actually work in cruise ships so I know how it is for the families left behind and for the seamen abroad.

 And so to end the Christmas season, I would like to greet all of you a Happy Three Kings Day! To all bloggers, friends and family all over the world, esp. in the Middle East, UK, Southeast Asia, US and in all the cruise ships and liners out there, I'm wishing you a prosperous and happy year ahead! 

Jan 5, 2013

Hello 2013 and Memories of 2012


Yay, it's 2013! I can't tell you enough how excited I am for the next twelve months. I'm glad 2012 is over. It was such a challenging year for us. And yet so fulfilling, too. I would not dwell on the bad memories. Actually there weren't that many. Things happen for a reason and they're memories now, and I can't really say they're bad memories, more of what I call as challenges. I've learn so much from everything that happened in 2012, learned so much about myself as a parent, a partner and as a person. Wouldn't you agree that 2012 is a year of realizations? 

Anyway, I have so much to be thankful for in 2012. We had challenges, yes, but we overcame them as a family and I believe hubby and I came out of each experience as better parents and partners. As we look back, all we can say is "Thank God! It could have been worse!" We feel so blessed. 

Let me share with you the highlights of 2012 through these photos:

We started the year 2012 with a bout of chicken pox. Simon contented himself with playing with Mr. Up and pretending to be Mr. DJ. Wasn't a very good way to start the year, huh. 

We also attended a beautiful wedding in Los Banos. The motif was red. It was a beautiful wedding. 

Sam got hospitalized for systemic infection. 
At first, the doctors thought it was dengue fever but final diagnosis was systemic infection. The first of our "Thank God, it could have been worse." I was so proud of Sam for being so behaved and cooperative despite the numerous blood tests conducted. Lesson learned, never underestimate the capacity of a child. 

 Family summer outing! It was fun! We ended up in the hospital because Basti collapsed due to sheer exhaustion. He's laughing right now as I'm typing this. That was a life changing moment. And thank God, it could have been worse!

Sam was accepted as a first grader in a school that's just a walking distance from our house. Hooray for Sam! I'm so proud of him. He's a very diligent student and is on the top of his class. 

Who could forget Habagat? For the second time in five years of being in this house, we had experienced knee-deep flood. For us, one good thing that came out of Habagat is a good bedtime routine. Without electricity and hence no TV and computer, the kids slept early for a few days and had been sleeping as early 7pm and 9pm at the latest ever since. I read the kids Tagalog books at night, they drink milk, pray and peacefully go to sleep. This early-to-bed routine is one of the biggest achievements of 2012 for me as a mom. 

Another milestone for us was when Sam recited a poem at their Linggo ng Wika program. He did not only recite a poem, he also danced. I was so proud of him! He couldn't finish a sentence before and now, he can recite a poem. 

August was a busy month for us. Simon also celebrated his birthday by treating family members to a lunch at Jollibee. 

And of course, October was Sam and Basti's birthday month. You can read my birthday post for Basti here and why, yet again, we had to bring him to the hospital.Grin. Yes, another one of those 'Thank God, it could have been worse." Sam's birthday post is HERE. 

That is all for now. I will make a separate posts for November and December because I've got so many pictures in those two months and there's so much to tell. November is our field trip month and of course December means Christmas!

Thank you all for being a part of our 2012! Your comments and your visits mean a lot to us. Thank you to the hosts of my favorite memes - mum Vix, sis Rose and mommy Raya - and to all participants who drop by and leave their precious comments. Also thanks to Laura of Mama Making Changes. I never got to finish the December Photo-A-Day Challenge bloghop but I totally enjoyed posting everyday. 

Hello 2013!