Dec 4, 2013

Thinking of a Fruitful Career? Consider Taking O level Chemistry Tuition

Many are the times that a student thinks that chemistry tuition is only helpful in some certain fields and irrelevant in other areas. This reasoning makes the student either drop, or put less effort in the subject. Matter of fact is that chemistry applies in basically all career fields. It may be applied directly or indirectly. Anyone thinking of prospering in life may need to put more effort in the subject in high school or at O levels. Fields where chemistry is applied contrary to popular belief are as follows:

1. Construction Industry

A common fallacy is that builders or bricklayers require little or no chemistry knowledge. Unfortunately, this is not actually true. A builder needs to know how wet concrete will cure depending on the salinity of the water used. He also needs to know how the carbon or iron content will affect the strength of metal bars or rebar. These decisions are not purely physical, but also chemical. Lack of good chemistry skills may affect the structural integrity of the building.

2. Auto mechanic

When thinking of an auto specialist or mechanic, one may think of ability to diagnose engines, repair damaged cars, and carrying out regular service. All these do not require any chemistry tuition right? Well, this is not the case. The mechanic needs to know how the salt content will react to car paint; he also needs to know the chemical properties of the engine oil and how well it will protect the engines internals.

3. Woodworker or Carpenter

A carpenter definitely needs to have good woodworking skills. But he also needs to have understanding of chemistry. Different types of wood react to the humidity in the air differently. For instance, teak wood will turn grayish when exposed to the atmosphere for a long time. High quality sapwood from teak initially is light yellow, but may change to tan or brown with age. The varnish or lacquer applied on finished wood products may affect the durability of wood products. In order to produce high quality products, a joiner or wood specialist needs to have knowledge in chemistry.

4. Forensic Auditor

Auditing is about confirming that the entries in the accounting books are in order. This will not only require good knowledge in maths, accounting, and statistics, but also chemistry. An auditor may at times be required to confirm records that date back many decades. O level chemistry tuition will help the auditor understand whether a paper record is authentic or not. Aged paper will turn yellowish due to oxidation. Various types of inks also react differently to the atmosphere and also on the type of paper written on.

Gone are the days when O level Chemistry Tuition was viewed as a career specific subject. In today’s world, chemistry is finding its way in many careers as professions become more dynamic and versatile. This is making more people advance their education in other fields unrelated to their current profession. For instance, a banker may become a forensic auditor; a nurse may work as a laboratory specialist, or a chemistry teacher working as a lab assistant. A student who puts more effort on chemistry tuition stands a better chance of having a more fruitful future.

About the author:

Lauren Wong is one of the tutors at The Educationist - Singpore's premier tuition centre. With years of experience and the highest and most relevant qualifications in engineering subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, she was able to help hundreds of students improve from F9 to A1. The Educationist, after more than a decade of success in helping F9 students achieve "A1"s in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths, is so confident of their unique and effective teaching techniques that they are offering all new students a FREE trial lesson!

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  1. My hubby is a mechanic and he's a PI. He's also in college to be a forensic detective.

  2. Chemistry is one of my favorite subjects. I graduated a course in college with different kind of Chemistry subjects. and I say, I can definitely apply what I learned back then.

  3. Forensic auditor seems very interesting.

  4. This would be a good career alternatives since they are not that common.


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