Dec 21, 2013

Shopping for Boys' Clothes

baby's clothes, not in Baclaran though
I went to Baclaran the other day to  buy a t-shirt for my eldest and a little bit of this and that for gifts. It didn't take me long to find what I'm looking for, since I know the area quite well and hubby tagged along before he went to work and already know where and what to look for. We found the perfect t-shirt for Basti in no time, hubby went to work via the Metro Rail Transit and I went on my way, window shopping (if you can call it that in a very crowded place such as Baclaran) as I made my way back to the jeepney stop. At this time of the year, there's no easy way in and out of Baclaran. There's too many people and there's too many things going on.

As I go from shop to shop, among the many stalls of the crowded place, I can't help thinking that I wish I have a girl and at the same time saying to myself, moms of boys have it easy when choosing clothes for their sons. The baby dresses are so cute that one will have a hard time deciding which one to get! Cuteness overload indeed! I found a store that sell Hello Kitty stuff and I was like in pink heaven, hehe. 

Some Gift-giving Tips
 Most boys would want toys. They wouldn't say, I want clothes. But they'd be happy with clothes also if  you find out what kids' interests are at the moment first before buying for them. When my boys were so fascinated with Angry Birds, someone gifted them with Angyr Birds t-shirts and they were so ecstatic about it! When the Plants versus Zombies was a craze, they wanted that, too! So whatever their passion is at the moment, they'd be proud to wear them. You'll be sure to get a beaming  face or toothless grin come Christmas opening presents time.

If they're still babies and can't decide yet for themselves and are not yet affected by such games and stuff, find out what the parents are into. Giving something like Yankees baby clothes to the baby of a New York Yankees fan would really make the day of the parents. Besides babies in baseball attire are always cute. Maybe the whole family can wear baseball uniform while watching the game.

Shopping in Baclaran (and malls) versus online
Of course, prices in Baclaran are way lower than the prices in the mall or anywhere else here in Manila, maybe except Divisoria. But it's a place I wouldn't want to be in at this time of the year. If I'm not super strict on my budget, I'd rather shop online at this time of the year. If you're an online worker like me who works by the hour, you would rather spend that hour at the comfort of your home and have the items delivered at your  doorsteps. For one, the traffic going to and from Baclaran is not a joke. The amount of time you go from shop to shop is lengthened because of too many people blocking your path. When you get home, you're super tired and can't get to work anymore. But I am on a strict budget and I had time to spare, plus the item that I want can only be found on that store, so off to Baclaran I went, hehe. For everyone else who are on a looser budget and who doesn't have the time, buying online is the way to shop.

But the best way to save, money-wise and time-wise, is to shop early and to buy in bulk. :)

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  1. I find it easier to get gifts for kids with toys as my top option and clothes as another.

  2. I have 3 boys and I plan to buy them clothes as gifts for next yrs Christmas. It is cheaper than toys. Kids here have so much toys i dont even know what to get them.

  3. For tigher budget tlga best to go to divisoria, baclaran etc.. for me kasi, online shopping for leisure lang tlga since there are uncertainties when dadating.. kung ok ba un product etc hehe - at pag super gs2 mo tlga hehe

  4. ahhh.. the time of the year where we need to find the cheapest way to be able to find gifts for our love ones.

  5. I tried buying in bulk for my son's clothes one time when they were on sale but he outgrown them so fast that most of it were almost like new.


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