Dec 28, 2013

Our Trip to See The Lights and Sounds Show

Finally, this year, I was able to watch the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show. The whole family, including our Mama Tess, trooped to Ayala Avenue two days ago to watch it. 

My mission
My mission in going to the Lights and Sounds Show is not to only to see the enchanting lights. I also wanted the kids, especially Sam and Simon, to experience how it is to ride the MRT (Metro Rail Transit). I also wanted to them to see the Makati Business District with its towering buildings and structures. 

How we got there
The Ayala Triangle where the show is being held every 30 minutes from 6PM to 9PM is located in Makati, which means it's a long way off from our place in Las Pinas. For a family who doesn't travel much, this is an ordeal, especially when the kids refuse to take a taxi (they get nauseated) or bus. And it's either we take our own vehicle (which we don't have, haha) or we take a jeep, then the MRT. Fortunately, the MRT is on the mission list. 

We thought it would not be jampacked on the MRT, being it the 26th already, but we were wrong. The kids almost got squished when we were trying to board at the Taft Station, and hubby and I decided we'll take the taxi instead, despite the protests of the children. We couldn't find any taxi because we're on the other side, the side going to the Mall of Asia. Simon wanted to go home. We went inside the nearby KFC to think what to do (should we continue going to Ayala and go to MOA instead?) and eat. After eating, Simon was in high spirits again and up to anything, thank goodness. 
  • We were able to board the MRT effortlessly on our second try, after our meal at KFC. There were not so many passengers anymore. - MRT ride, mission accomplished, CHECK!
We walked from MRT Ayala Station to Ayala Triangle. The kids are okay with this, since we went through four malls (SM, Glorietta, Landmark and pass by Greenbelt's walkway too) and there were lots of things to see. Still, it's a long walk and Basti complained after the show that his feet were tired.

It was raining and the show almost got cancelled!
We got off the walkway and it was raining. And with heavy heart, I said to myself, OMG this better be worth it. When we got there finally, there were already many people waiting, anticipating. Then it was announced the show is postponed for that hour until the weather clears up. I refused to go home and we waited for awhile. Fortunately, when the rain stopped, the show resumed. People clapped and cheered when it was announced the show would resume.

While waiting, I pointed to Sam the tall buildings surrounding Ayala Triangle. He's so happy to see them and he has so many questions, some of them I couldn't even answer. 
  • Mission number two, Tall buildings and skycrapers, Accomplished, CHECK!
It was worth it
When the show started, everyone were like children again. The Christmas spirit was there. For a few minutes, everyone was either smiling, silent and taking it all in, or dancing like Simon. Simon was dancing freestyle the whole time and soon afterwards. 

Sam was speechless while Simon danced to the music.

How did I know it was worth it?
 I asked the kids. After all the travel time, getting almost squished at the MRT, having a hard time finding a taxi, trying at the MRT for the second time, walking from MRT to MSE, and having the show almost cancelled and not to mention the same route back home, you'd think that they wouldn't want to go again next year. But they do! They want to go again next year. They were still excited even after we got home which was almost midnight. We slept at 2AM, with the kids still talking about it!  We were dead tired and woke up very late the next day. I think more than anything, it's the adventure that they loved. We got a pure family bonding experience that day. I am so proud of my kids for being on their best behavior and for just being kids enjoying the moment.

We would definitely do this again, next year, but on a more leisurely pace. We'd hang out at the mall first and then go to the show afterwards and hang out there. The earlier the better, I'd say. We were able to witness the show inside the garden, and outside the garden (from the entrance of the Makati Stock Exchange). You get to see a bigger, clearer picture of the show and appreciate the lights and sounds more as a whole when you're outside the garden. But beneath the lights and the trees, up close, the lights are more spectacular.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show Schedule:
Nov. 20 - Dec. 31, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Triangle, Makati City every 30 minutes from 6:00 to 9:00 PM (we entered through the Makati Stock Exchange building)


  1. Lovely indeed and the kids experienced this moment while they're still growing up.

  2. That's a pretty sight to behold! I'd turn into a kid again watching that.
    I love how Ayala MRT Station is connected with the malls. Sana sa Shaw Boulevard din, i-connect yung Edsa Shang and Megamall :)

  3. we miss this, totally forgot about it :(

  4. We went here last week. My kids loved it! They were amaze with the lights.

  5. Glad you accomplished your mission sis. I would go there and watch myself with hubby and kids if we are there.

  6. looks like those glimmering lights shines the whole dark into brightness... glad you finally went to enjoy the light shows.

  7. Awesome light show! If we adults are enthralled by something like this, I can just imagine how it is in the eyes of a child.

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  13. A childhood experience for them and a happy moment of their lives.

  14. You gave them the experienced of their growing years. Great value to them!

  15. The light show was shorter this year but it's still fun to watch.

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    I thought it was photoshopped but then...

    all I can say is it's Amazing!


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