Dec 2, 2013

Nameless and Photoless ID

There's definitely going to be changes in our lives in the next few months. My hubby had decided to resign from work. He had thought carefully about this, and I support him in his decision. I'd rather not go into details but I think it would be good for him to make that change. He would be surrendering his ID in the second week of January. It would be the last time I'll be seeing that nameless and photo-less ID and it will be the last time he's going to swipe it on their id scanner. A nameless and photoless ID means that security is really tight in this company, being one of the biggest companies in the world. My husband loves his company but he needed to make that move. There will tough times ahead for sure. But with God's grace and with my husband working hard to get us back on track again, we will overcome. 

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  1. Oh my, that would be a huge and bold move for sure. Will pray that the transition will be okay for ya guys!

  2. Good Luck and nameless id tags that scan he must really be in some confidential work. You'll be back on track in no time I'm sure!! :)

  3. I'm sure your husband have rational reasons about the move. Everything will be okay, just keep supporting him.


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