Dec 25, 2013

Christmas Party 2013

Simon and Sam had their Christmas party last December 21st. Parents were also invited. I enjoyed this year's Christmas party more than last year's. I guess the kids felt the same way, too. The party was held inside the school premises, unlike last year when it was held in the subdivision's community hall to accommodate everyone. This year only the kids and a handful of parents attended. Holding the Christmas party inside the school, I think, is better because the kids were in their own environment and were more relaxed when performing their song and dance numbers.

Sam and Simon both actively participated in the games and even won the stop dance contest. My boys are competitive, I can see that. The kids were given prizes just for participating even if they did not win and that is good. Everyone went home happy.  The teachers bought the kids' gifts based on their wish list and but the money came from the parents. It's a good system because I did not get stressed at all over the kids' gifts. The parents were only ask to bring a gift for another parent, which is also not hard to do anyway.

I love the kids' school. The teachers are always thinking of ways to save the parents money and time. The school is not like other schools where you have to buy everything and spend for every project. I was recommending this school to my neighbor who has a one-and-a-half year old child, but her grandson is too young to go to preschool. She's looking for a play school which could accommodate babies her grandson's age just like that of Bullfrogs and Butterflies Childcare in the US. It's very hard to find that kind of school here. Although, there are some all over the country, there's none in our area. 

Anyway, back to the Christmas party, my kids went home with their stomach full, their spirits high and their bags full of goodies and toys. I let them play till they couldn't keep their eyes open anymore that night, because I can see that they were so happy with their new toys. It's really a joy to see kids so happy and merry at this time of the year.


  1. It's nice seeing kids celebrate Christmas as you can see how sincerely they appreciate the celebrations and the gifts.

  2. That is a nice school your kids goes to and it seems like your kids had a great time.

  3. It's so nice when schools are like that noh - my school always try to use up money before my mom was frustrated lol! It's nice you all enjoyed the party!

  4. it's very nice to see our kids joining their class christmas party, i remember when i was first grade and kindergarten i always love to see my mother joined me, but that changes when i am old enough to go attend my class party and no more parents.

  5. That is nice that they also invited the parents. Over here only the assigned school room MOms are allowed to come.

  6. one of the best and most awaited events in schools is the Christmas party, my youngest son enjoys it much :)


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