Dec 1, 2013

Checking Out The Music Store

Every time we go to the mall near our place, we always drop by the music store. It's just in the first floor and near the elevators so we couldn't miss it. The kids always wander around the store and look at the different musical instruments on sale. The last time I and Sam went to the mall for a checkup at the private clinic at the third floor of the mall, we again drop by the music store. I was looking for a guitar that Basti and I saw online, the gibson es 175 at guitar center, (to see if it really looks as good as it looked online) but they don't have it in that store. Anyway, Sam was very happy to see the newest addition to their inventory, a blue drum and the violin. Sam is beginning to show interest in music, too. He's always singing aloud at home and his favorite game online nowadays is SCGMD 4.


  1. This is something that we will do sometime soon, our daughter is interested in taking violin lessons. I am just dreading the $35 an hour rate lol.

  2. My son is really getting interested in music he wants a guitar. His much older cousin has one and he wants to be just like him.

  3. There are plenty of music school down here. In fact, hubby is planning to enrol too.


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