Nov 6, 2013

The Beauty of Winter

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Now that Fall is drawing to a close, and winter is almost here, I'm anticipating again the white Christmas photos from families and friends all over the Internet. I love to see pictures of snow, looking so pristine and picture-perfect. I love to see pictures of snowflakes hanging in trees, of people and kids in cozy warm fur coats and boots that go into hunting boot warmers, of skis and sleds, of kids having snow ball fights, of snow-covered roofs and snowman with stick noses.

I just hope that winter this year wouldn't be as harsh as it was last year. I hope it wouldn't seem to go on forever that its beauty almost faded in my eyes and I couldn't wait for spring.  But that's actually the beauty of winter. It could go on and on until you've had enough, especially those who are actually living it, and then you look forward to the signs of spring. And when spring comes, the buds and the blooms are ten times more beautiful in one's eyes.
"The beauty of winter is that it makes you appreciate spring." -- LM Montgomery. 
I live in a tropical country and would really love to experience winter, but I can only look at its beauty from afar. While I marvel at winter's beauty, I know its harsh and cold nights is something I wouldn't want to experience. I prayed for winter to be over last year, for the sake of friends who seem to be having it for so long. And boy, was I glad when spring came and we began to see green and all the other colors instead of white for a change. So, let's pray that Mother Nature a perfect winter for everyone this time around. 


  1. We will be having snow next Wednesday and I am not looking forward to it.

    1. i know sis, haha. we share the same dislike for the cold weather.


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