Nov 30, 2013

Simple and Recycled Christmas Trees

This is the Christmas tree that's on the lobby of the Santo Tomas Municipaly Hall in the province of Batangas (Southern Luzon, Philippines). My husband and I went there a few days ago to pay our real estate property tax in person and to see if there's any development in the subdivision where the lot is. Anyway, back to the Christmas tree, I love this Christmas tree for its simplicity. I'm sure the municipal government did not spend a big budget on this and I applaud them for that. Nevertheless, even without the usual blings and glitters and colors, this Christmas tree looks very welcoming and warm, like the people we met and assisted us in the town hall.

And speaking of budget-friendly Christmas trees, the one above is a special Christmas tree that is made of recycled materials -- directory pages, syringes, empty medicine container and many other medical supplies. I found this last year at the Urology Center of the Philippines when I had my ESWL (Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) using sound waves to break a kidney stone into small pieces). It looks better when you see it in person. :)

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? Leave your links on the comment section and let me visit over and see! Have a great weekend everyone!

Orange You Glad It's Friday


  1. I love the recycled Christmas Tree sis!

  2. I really like both trees, but the recycled one is cool and I bet took some time to make! Totally neat though! :)

  3. Both trees are cool and I like that recycled one too. So awesome! We decided not to put a Christmas tree this year but an advent wreathe instead :)

  4. I love these original Christmas creations!


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