Nov 3, 2013

Dump Trucks And Trailers

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Last week, while Sam and I were walking on our way home from his lola's/grandma's house, we saw the DPWH or waterworks men working on the street. There was a big truck dumping sand at the side of the road. Sam suddenly stopped, amazed at the movement of the dumping bed as it pours gravel and sand on the ground. It's his first time to see a dumping truck at work and it was definitely a wonderful moment to see such amazement in a child's eyes. 

Fast forward, of course, when we got home, we had to Google it up. My child is a very inquisitive child. When he ask about things, you have to explain everything -- how it works, what are the parts, who uses it -- and you have to back up your explanation with pictures just to validate the idea he has in his mind. We not only found images of dump trucks online. We also found a big tex trailer image and other huge trucks images, and he said there's no way those would fit in the roads in the neighborhood.  We learned that there are also dump trailer trucks that have dump beds on them. I wonder how big his eyes would get when he sees a big trailer truck one day. Now, that would be a moment I sure don't want to miss. 

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  1. When my kids start asking questions, I refer them to their Dad especially if I don't know the stuff they are asking lol.


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