Nov 20, 2013

Definitely Musically Inclined

photo not mine, credits to the owner 
I've been blogging about my nephew, the band member/guitarist, here for sometime now. I am happy to know, seeing from his Facebook wall, that he is still very much into music. In fact, what you see above is his profile cover right now, Minion Slash. (This is a kiddie blog, so just ignore the cigarette, please)  I see all kinds of music instruments on his wall, links of reviews of the latest guitars, drums and even microphones like that of  heil pr40 review. There are also many posts about ongoing sale of musical instruments and fun times with band members and photos of gigs. I hope my nephew will be a popular guitarist someday. That'd be something I'll look forward to. I am a proud aunt. 


  1. Hahaha I was going to say, cool with the guitar but not with the cigarette lol. I think your nephew will be a big influence to your sons who also have interests in music.

    1. I am hoping that he will be a big influence, sis. But they don't see each other much. But he's still inspired by him though.


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