Nov 8, 2013

Creating Mr. Owl, The Paper Bag Puppet

This is Mr. Owlie. Simon brought him home one day. Simon made him with the help of his teacher. Mr. Owlie is a paper bag puppet. It's very easy to make a paper bag puppet like Mr. Owlie. You just need a brown paper bag, button eyes (can be found in school supplies store), glue or tape, art paper, a pair of scissors. Just cut out the nose, the mouth, eyebrows out of art paper and and paste or glue them at the bottom of the paper bag, as as shown above. If you have kids under 5, they would surely be thrilled to have one. Then you can make a puppet show after you make some other paper bag puppets. 


  1. Over here, art is a big thing in school. My kids learn a lot of artsy things and on top of that, my daughter watches tutorial on youtube..

  2. Adorable! This would be a fun project for a rainy day with the kids. A puppet show with a few of them sounds like a fabulous idea as well!

  3. We did this one sis during the vveteran's day break, thanks for the idea.


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