Oct 18, 2013

What the Technician Did

According to Simon, this is what the technician did when they went to our house to fix/find out  whatever is causing the slow connection.
simon's drawing on what the technician did (images by simon, words mine)
Simon watched the whole time while the techinician was on the roof doing what his buddies were instructing him to do. There were three technicians, one is on the computer and another acted as a messenger between the computer guy and the technician on the roof.

(images by simon, words mine)
In the end, the technicians left without any resolution to our problem. They did their best they said. They tried to find a nearer base station but couldn't find a signal. They put the connection back to the same base station and said there's just too much traffic. We were told to replace the canopy with Wi-Max instead with the ability to be on Wi-Fi. My sister is hesitant and hasn't gone to the sales center yet because she doesn't want to be possibly tied down to another two-year contract. 

The only consolation to the wasted time and the disappointment were these drawings that Simon drew. 

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  1. Sai has a beautiful penmanship sis, a smart little boy!


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