Oct 26, 2013

The Wounded Child and The Witch

I call this little boy The Wounded Child. He's not really wounded. That was his make-up/prosthetics last year during Sam's school Halloween event. Yikes, right?

And this is Sam with The Witch at the SM store. This is in 2011, I guess.

These two are examples of a Halloween look where don't have to spend a lot. Just a little bit of make-up, a messy hair and black shirt and you're good to go. The first photo is a little bit complicated but everything can be learned with the all the self-help tools and resources we see on the Internet.

I thought of posting these photos now, since it's Halloween and I have brand new Halloween photos again. Today is Simon and Sam's 2013 Halloween party at school.  I'll post photos of that soon and some other trick or treat activities.


  1. Great pics! You can also do a "tianak" look; uling at white cloth (as diaper) lang ayos na! :)

    1. I have an old photo of that but I couldn't find it. We say a toddler in a stroller a few years ago, dressed only diapers and with a face made up like a tianak and complete with horns and all. I was got irritated and almost talked with the parents though because the baby was wearing diapers only in SM, which is a very cold place at that time. Poor baby.


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