Oct 28, 2013

The Kids' Halloween Costumes This Year: Recycled

I find it impractical for me to buy new Halloween costumes with the so many things on our budget list right now and with the thought that kids would only be wearing these costumes anyway not more than two times this Halloween season, so we decided to look for alternatives. 

Thankfully, with the help of our Tatay Poly who's a tailor during his younger years, we were able to recycle an old The Reaper costume to a Black Cat costume for Simon. The old one was much too long for him and Sam would not wear it because he already wore it last year. Tatay Poly added a tail on the Black Cat costume. Simon wanted something else because the contest is for the scariest costume and a cat is not scary. I said, my dear, if there's a cutest contest, you'd surely win in that outfit. (What can I say, I'm a mom, hehe.) 

For Sam, we bought an old Skeleton costume that one of his classmates had last year. Sam loved it so much. His classmate has grown so big and would not fit in the costume anymore and he needed extra funds to buy the new one that he wants. And so, we bought it for more than half the price of course, and not only did we save on Sam's costume but also helped his classmates get that additional fund. 

I'm thankful also that my husband did not go to work the day of the party. He bought some face paint and was able to paint the kids' faces for more dramatic effect. We did not have to buy masks or headgear anymore. 

What's your kids' Halloween costume this year? Or better yet, what's your Halloween costume? 

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