Oct 16, 2013

Kitchen Repairs

Image courtesy of nuttakit/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Our landlord and landlady have both agreed to have the kitchen fixed at their expense. The kitchen roof would need to be fixed as they are leaking already whenever it rains. And I had asked to have the top kitchen cabinets taken out because we've not used them at all in the seven years that we've been living in this house. I would have to have them recycled, maybe put them instead below the kitchen counter top (like the ones you see at the photo above) and maybe add in drawers with undermount slides. There's a lot of repairs that we need to do on this house, with the help of our landlords for now and later on, on our own. With so much rain the last few months, the house seems to be suddenly deteriorating on its own. 


  1. Apartment maintenance is truly the owner's responsibility and not the renters.

  2. Are you guys living there for quite long? Di nyo ba sis plano magpagawa na lang ng bagong bahay?

  3. The top cupboards look pretty high, I can never have too much cupboard space :)

  4. Thanks to this post! Now I am reminded to run after our landlord and start demanding for repairs in our kitchen cupboards and cabinets. It's about time! :)


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