Oct 30, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas

Christmas lantern/parol for sale at SM 
I was glad to see giant lanterns/parol for sale at the mall this early. They suddenly reminded me that Christmas is so near. They suddenly reminded me to make that list of gifts for godchildren, family and friends, and things to do before Christmas. 

Most of all, those "parol" for sale reminded me of food, though food is the least of my worries come Christmas time. After two birthdays the past week, and seeing the reaction of family members to the food that were prepared in these two birthdays, I already have an idea of what to prepare for Christmas. It's nothing complicated though, just the usual food, but this time the ideal combination is what will set the food apart from previous feasts. What's complicated is setting the table for visiting family and friends. This year, I want a festive table. I am thinking buying new table covers that has a Christmasy feel and new place mats and table runners to make the table appealing to the eyes of guests. I've seen a burlap table runner and I wonder how much that costs. I hope I will have the budget that I need for this setup. 

We'll start decorating after the first week of November. I am lucky to have a husband who's keen in this kind of thing. I'm sure he'll be suggesting some more DIY projects for Christmas decorations. I hope I can find the time and energy to follow through. Last year, he had so many ideas but none of them was done, because I can't seem to find the time. But this year, I promise to put a little more extra effort into it. 

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