Oct 18, 2013

Fall Clothing Trends for Girls

Most girls are very clothing conscious once they reach a certain age. They want to wear the trendy clothes that their friends and classmates are wearing. Girls clothes, and specifically, girls dresses are always changing when it comes to what is in style. Here are some of the popular fall clothing trends for girls.

Knitted Clothes
Knitted clothes, such as sweaters and dresses, are popular for the fall season. Jumpers are also coming back into style if they are knit jumpers. What is known as free knit is the popular trend for the fall. Within knitted clothing stripes are becoming very popular as little girls flock to striped knitted dresses and cardigans.

In girl’s dresses, jumpsuits and pants, denim is a classic that will always be in trend for girls and women of any age. Many young girls are turning to skinny jeans to help them feel fashionable. These jeans are adorned with studs, lace, fringe and crystals this fall. Plain jeans are out and enhanced jeans are becoming the trend to watch for.

Natural Hues
Fall clothing trends for girls are not just about different styles and materials, but about different colors too. For the fall season the trend in girl’s clothes is colors such as grey, brown, steel and the classic black and white look. Though these darker colors are popular among girls this fall so are bright colors such as fuchsia, corral, purple, pink and orange.

No longer content to wear plain clothes, girls are wearing prints more this fall than they have before. Embroidery and appliques are found on the hottest girls clothes for the fall season. Polka dots and stripes are currently trendy in girl’s clothes also. Even young girls want their outfit to make a statement to the world.

Combining Contrasting Colors
As girls become bolder they are more into wearing colors. A hot trend for girls this fall is to wear contrasting colors together. While in past seasons it was better to pick one color palette and stick with it, this is not the trend for the fall. Girls are now wearing colors such as pink, purple and blue together to create dazzling outfits.

Girls are wearing hats more than they did in the past. Any type of hat goes as long as it fits a girl’s head properly. Fur and knitted hats will be popular when the weather starts to turn cooler.

Though most people don’t associate fur coats with young girls, those girls are starting to realize that they can wear fur too. Fake fur is acceptable for those who are opposed to real fur or just can’t afford it. Fur hats and collars are in style this fall as are fur lined pocketbooks and shoes.

These are the top trends in girl’s clothes for the fall. Girls are maturing and looking for a more grown up look, which does explain some of these trends. Clothing trends for young girls frequently change.  


  1. I just bought one of these for my little darling, she is actually wearing it today lol.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love that I can wear some of my sweaters and jeans I love!

  3. I'm thinking of upgrading my fall/winter wear because most of them don't fit me. :) I love fall/winter season a lot. I just enjoy sashaying around with my winter clothes and nice boots. :)

  4. It is important to get or update your clothing season to season. For this winter I have got some port authority clothing including jackets.


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